A mess

A mess

Lola broke down in tears as the events of that night rushed through her mind.

“It was supposed to be a simple choir practice.” She thought out loud.

She heard a knock and wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

“What am I hearing?” Her mother said as she walked into the room.

“So, you have decided to be an abomination to us?” Her mother accused.

“What have I done this time?” Lola asked resigned.

“It is everywhere in church, apparently you have been going about seducing Pastor John and his wife.” Her mother said angrily.

Lola looked shocked at this.

“What… what did you just say Mami?” Lola asked.

“Oh…. You want to deny it? I said it! I said it! When you were fourteen years and I caught you with that Miranda girl, I knew that nothing good can come out of you. Now, look at what you have done! It was not enough for you to seduce the Pastor, you had to seduce his wife too.” Lola’s mother sighed.

“What is it? What have I done for you to embarrass me and the family completely? Your father has decided that you can never come home again as long as he is alive. We could not even raise our heads in church, how can you do this to us Lola?” She started sobbing.

Lola broke into tears. “Is that all you have to say? Why can’t you ask me about what happened? Why would you believe them without a doubt and give me no chance to even defend myself? Am I not your daughter??? Now, you want to talk about Miranda? After how many years, you didn’t say anything then, and now all you have to do is accuse me? Do you have any idea how confused I was?

“Are you trying to say that those two respected people will see everyone else in the church to lie against and they decidedly choose you?”

“Even now, you purposely ignore the main point, I have done nothing, it is just easier for you to believe that because of what you think about me, just ask the question Mami!” Lola cried.

“You know exactly what is wrong and right, are you still a child? Why would you go after women when there are men everywhere? Come off it. I am your mother, you came out from my loins, I know you better than you will ever know yourself, if you like, don’t change… Hell is waiting for people like you.” Her mother hissed and left the house.

Lola looked broken and resolved as she leaves the house with a pocket knife.

The door opened as Pastor John’s wife smiled at the person at the door.

“I knew you will come back, I told you; there is no escape for you.” Mariam smirked.

“Pastor John! Come see who we have here.” She called out loud.

He joined Mariam as they sat in the living room.

“Why? Why would you tell lies about me? You two drugged me after I followed you from church and had your fun with me. I didn’t tell anyone; I could not tell anyone… What have I done that you two would decide to punish me this way?” Lola asked solemnly.

“Common, you enjoyed it… There is no need to pretend, I could tell that you were my kind just by looking at you.” Mariam shrugged.

“We had to do that just in case you started spreading rumors about us, we can take it all back if you decide to be ours, one word from the pulpit and everyone would believe that you are such an angel.” John grinned.

“Why me though? Out of everyone? Why me? Are you two not children of God? Why would you stoop so low?” Lola asked confused.

“Haven’t you heard the preaching? You should read your Bible once in a while… There’s that bit about false prophets and more… I’m not saying we are but … you get my point.” Mariam winked.

Lola brought out the knife, “I am going to end all three of our lives today.”

They laughed at her… “Poor girl… do you even know how to use that?”

John snatched the knife from her hands and threw her out. She walked home and settled in.

Her heart so down, she breaks every mirror she can find because she hated her reflection, filled with guilt, shame and reproach, she cried out to God. “God, why? I have tried to be good all my life… Why is this happening to me? If this is a test, I don’t think I can go on. My spirit is broken and I have no will to live. I have denied myself of pleasures so that I abide in your will, do you exist? Are you there? Or am I such a sinner that you would abandon me too? Do you also think I deserve to be humiliated this way? Save me from myself”

Lying down with her head bowed, she felt a presence envelop her… full of comfort and peace. She opened her eyes to a blinding light, she felt herself float and heard a reassuring and gentle voice saying, “I will walk you through the storm with your head held high, you are my best work yet.”

She woke up to realize that she had slept, she sang in worship and praise as she is reminded of the God’s promise, she went to church and just above the building she sees a rainbow, an overwhelming sense of gratitude filled her as she stepped into the church.

She is surprised to see that the church is in disarray, she met Yewande an usher who is surprised to see her.

“What happened?” Lola asked.

“Hmmmm, Pastor John confessed to the police and the church about what he and his wife had done after his wife woke up mad.” Yewande said with a shake of her head.