Beautiful killer

Beautiful killer,
Cut me deep;
Pierce me harder,
Squeeze slowly;
Sweet pain… hot bliss… Sharp death.
Faster, I want to see what’s next,
Beyond the curtain of life and death;
Is it the same?
Is it the end?
Or a beginning of a new journey?

How am I still alive?
I stare at the beautiful wicked man.
Is this hell?
I asked…
Or is this heaven?
I ask with a smile this time.
With a click,
He locks me to the chair.

Bandaged and fed,
He brushes my hair to the side;
You are nothing like her,
He said;
You only have her eyes and lips,
Oh… Another case of mistaken identity.
I am curious;
Who this girl is..,
This would be the seventh time,
I have been tied up on her account.
Will you tell me her name?
For a kiss…
I ask him with a wink.

A punch to the face,
Apparently, this beautiful man wasn’t kind.
Are you not afraid of death?
He asked with a flinch.
No, I am more afraid of being cheated.
You stabbed me, bandaged me and punched me,
Without killing me.
How do you think I should pay you?
Surely, you don’t think you can take something from me…
Without a price?
I give him a bloody grin.

It’s a pity,
Such pretty face…
Have you decided what you will give me?
In exchange for what you have taken?
My blood has been spilled by you,
More than once.
With a wicked laugh, he stabs me again…
This time, It wasn’t sweet pain.
It was absolutely fucking delicious.
Not my blood, His.

Time in my favor,
Positions switched;
I take a whiff of his scent,
You are not my usual style;
But you’d do…
H.. How is this possible?
He asks.
You pierced the heart of this body,
She got a wish…
She gets to know what happens beyond,
And I see what happens beneath,
A fair exchange, would you say?
So what would you give me in exchange?

What do you want?
He asks.
Hmmmm, my pound of flesh,
Wait, your crystal eyes;
Can I have it?
I beg with a smile.
No, you can’t.
He refuses.
Okay, A kiss then… it is fair, isn’t it?
They you’ll let me go?
He concedes.
Of course… A small peck for your freedom.

Lips joined,
Stamps made;
A bargain so simple,
Eyes open,
Crystal eyes mine,
He’ll find who he really wants beyond the border;
I am always fair,
I possess his body;
Strong and agile,
Fast and eager;
Perfect for a slaughter,
Until I find another,
I am the beautiful killer.