Betsy wanted to be the Queen of liars,
She lied whenever she got the chance!
Which was every passing moment;
She wanted to displace Devil from his throne, she wanted to be Queen of Liars,
She was honest;
Betsy was a honest liar,
She always told a lie but everyone knew her lies;
People did exactly the opposite of what Betsy said.
Betsy was okay with it, you see Betsy didn’t like to hurt others so she found a way to lie and still be good.
The Devil visited her one day;
“So you like to lie” she said,
Betsy grinned and replied; “No, I like to swim, drink and destroy things.”
“Do you want to rule hell for 24 hours?” The Devil asked.
Betsy replied “No, thank you for the offer but I’d rather serve on earth than rule in hell”.
Devil smirked “Are you lying or saying the truth?”
Betsy grinned “I have never told a lie my whole life”
The Devil held her hand and dragged her to hell.
“I don’t understand, I thought I made myself clear, I was telling the truth, I don’t want to be here” Betsy cried out. The Devil laughed and said ” There’s is a reason I am the King of Liars and the prince of this world, as long as you tell a lie, I am your king and master, to outlie me is to feed your greed, poor Betsy; the moment you thought of me, every passing moment your tongue told a lie, each time, I took a piece of your soul down to the last lie until the first time you told a truth; you don’t want to be here but where else can you finally beat me. Welcome Home Betsy”.