C-Drama Review: The Day of Becoming You

26 episodes completed, and wow! What an amazing one week binge this drama has been for me. The Day of Becoming You is a 2021 Chinese drama starring Steven Zhang and Liang Jie.


After an elevator incident, the leader of a popular boy group, Jiang Yi (Steven Zhang) and an entertainment reporter, Yu Sheng Sheng (Liang Jie) swap bodies. Amidst the hijinks that follow, they learn to understand each other and begin to fall in love.

My thoughts:

(Beware of a bit of spoilers.)

Body swap dramas are one of my favourite types of dramas, and Liang Jie is one of my favourite C-drama actresses. When you combine two favourites together, what can go wrong? Let me tell you, in the case of The Day of Becoming You, absolutely nothing!


In terms of hilarity, this drama hit all the right spots. The comic timings were gold! I think one of my favourite scenes has to be the walnut cracking scene. I died from excess laughter, (now I’m typing from the spirit world). Steven’s reactions as Sheng Sheng, and later on as Jiang Yi to the cracked walnuts totally cracked my ribs, pun intended. That, and all the hilarity that ensued during the course of their body swaps, plus the BGM that played during funny scenes made for a very laugh out loud and fun watch.

Sheng Sheng

Jiang Yi

Body swap dramas, when done right, obviously, will never not be funny, and TDOBY definitely got that memo.


In terms of acting, I’ve always liked Liang Jie, and I think she’s a really good actress. She played Yu Sheng Sheng to perfection, and she did well as Jiang Yi, but it was Steven Zhang who really surprised me. This is my first Steven drama, and boy, was I really blown away by his acting. As the cold and unapproachable Jiang Yi, he was perfect, and when it came to his 180° switch to Yu Sheng Sheng…..he nailed it! I felt Liang Jie kinda struggled a bit to fit into Jiang Yi’s shoes in the beginning, although she got way better and more comfortable playing the character later on. On the other hand, Steven Zhang was consistently good at playing Yu Sheng Sheng from start to finish. I didn’t even have to think twice to know which character he was playing at any time.

In terms of the romance, The Day of Becoming You passes with full marks! The chemistry between Steven Zhang and Liang Jie was just amazing! Those two were so believably in love and made me develop heart eyes anytime they were on screen. I really love how their characters slowly fell for each other, the tension, the build up towards their confession, the confession scene itself……OMG!!! And then their kisses!!!!! So very passionate and heart fluttering. I want what they have…. including the body swap during my time of the month. How cool would it be to have someone else suffer period cramps on my behalf every month? I’m not even kidding here.

Anyway, their relationship was pretty realistic and mature, with high stakes too. I think the drama handled the whole dating a celebrity thing well. The risks that come with being outed as an idol’s girlfriend, the mean comments, having your privacy violated, dragging your family into the madness and the strain that can cause on a relationship. Their breakup was expected and realistic as well, because asides the fandom meltdown and the cyber attacks and bullying, the couple had a real problem on their hands with the body swap thing. I mean, what’s a relationship where you can’t even physically touch your partner because you’re afraid of swapping bodies? But in the end, everything was resolved and the couple got their happily ever after.


In terms of the overall plot, the drama is great, although there were a few plot points I felt should have been explored better, like Jiang Yi’s hinted crush on Xu Shu Yi. It felt like the whole point of that arc was just to stir up a bit of jealousy in Sheng Sheng which was pointless IMO. It was also very unrealistic for Sheng Sheng to have so many work leaves. I mean, are there really organizations which allow their employees take frequent leaves like that? If there are, I want in!

Aside that, I felt the drama should have shown us more Little Galaxy moments, because while I liked the three of them individually, I would have loved to like them as a group. The fan montage scene when they disbanded, was a nice touch, but it would have been more poignant to me, if the drama had made me care about them as a group. Because then, it would have felt like I was really saying goodbye to a group I cared about.

Then of course, that end……I felt robbed to be honest. I was happy that Sheng Sheng and Jiang Yi got back together, and that should have been the high note I ended the drama on. Instead, I got a Sheng Sheng and Jiang Yi that I did not get to know or care about. While I know that this was not the fault of the writers, it was perhaps the only way the drama could have passed the Censorship Board, but I’m still slightly bitter about it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take anything away from the drama.

The biggest downside to the drama was the excessive amount of product placement in the show! I have no access to any of the advertised products, thank God! And even if I did, I probably would never buy any because I’ve consumed enough of them through the drama. Even for free, it’s a no, thank you for me.


In summary, The Day of Becoming You was a really interesting watch. With 26 episodes, it was short and straight to the point with no unnecessary fillers and draggy storylines. I loved the characters, the story, the music…. especially the ending theme song. Out of 26 episodes, I watched the ending sequence of at least 15 episodes, just to listen to the song. I never watch ending sequences of C-dramas more than twice, but this drama was an exception. Imagine my surprise when I found out Steven Zhang sang the song! Apart from being handsome and a great actor, he’s also a good singer! Where does his talent end? Now I’m going to add him to my favs list and check out his other filmography, starting from Skate Into Love, which I’ve heard very good things about.

Overall, this drama is highly recommended and it has a great rewatch value. It’s definitely going into my rewatch pile (consisting of a ton of other dramas, but I promise, I will get around to re-watching them someday) and has earned a spot on my fav C-dramas list. A solid 9/10!