Chasing Shadows

She wants to run,
So bad, it hurts;
The emptiness she feels,
The void she can’t fill;
Her heart frozen,
Her brain on heat;
Stuck in between the folds,
Of reality and Dream,
Distracted by fantasies;

Forlorn Hopes,
Reaching to be free;
From ties that hold her,
History against her,
A future that seems more like a film,
Time outruns her,
Darkness befriends her,
Helplessness enslaves her,
Her sun hidden in the clouds;
No light,
Just shadows and Brim.

She wonders,
What it is to be free;
Is it all rainbows and ice cream;
Or its another illusion that’s just another prison;
Of hopes and dreams;
When will the cycle end?
Will the void ever be filled?
Or she’s just chasing Shadows?
A pointless race that still ends beneath Earth’s surface.