Cycle of Ashes

“Did he just ask us to fight till the death? Because I swear I think that’s what he said,” Chi asks Maria who laughs hysterically. Chi looks at her with concern, “Don’t lose it, please, it’s hard enough being here.” “It’s like a nightmare, they actually expect us to fight to the death, is that all we are reduced to?” Maria asks loudly. Chi mutters, “You are the one who wanted a change of environment, well there you go.” She shrugs, Maria looks at her like she has lost her mind, “What if we refuse to fight, what will you do to us?” Maria asks the man. “Well that would be really disappointing since we are all here to watch a fight to the death, anyways, it would mean the death of both of you, and by the looks of it, it’s not that much of a loss.” The crowd snickers, bottles are thrown at the cage, rumblings and the crowd starts to chant, Die! Die! Die!

“This is ridiculous; they can’t do this, can they?” Maria asks Chi. “So basically we are left with two choices, fight and one of us dies or we don’t fight and the both of us die.” Chi says to Maria in an alarming calm voice. Maria stares at her suspiciously “Don’t even think about it! First of all, if we were to fight, I’d definitely win.” “One time, just that one time and you cheated, plus it was a long time ago, let it go!,” Chi rolls her eyes at Maria. “So we are supposed to kill each other with our bare hands? That’s just really dark, man, throw in a weapon or something so that at least it ends quickly, be humane!” Maria widens her eye at Chi “Are you serious right now? You are half blind and there are knives behind you. Why don’t you just go right ahead and stab me with it?” Chi sighs, “Always very Dr.. ” The man angrily shouts at them, “Enough of the chit chat and get to the stabbing.”
“Someone is grumpy,” Chi whispers to Maria, “But seriously though, its better if one of us survives than both of us die, let’s give it our best, and the better girl wins.”

“Were you flogged in the head? Even if one of us survives, that person has to live with the guilt of murder and I know you can’t hurt me, you like me too much.” Maria sighs, “Go ahead, kill us, we won’t become a source of entertainment for you.”
“Well…. “Chi tries to talk. “Shut up Chi!” “Ok!Just saying but alright,” Chi shrugs. The man walks to the cage, smiles smugly “Well, it’s been a while we saw the hound, since, well since ever.” The crowd cheers.
“What is the hound? And that cheer cannot be a good thing.” Chi looks at Maria, “That can’t be good, these people are really messed up, only God knows what we have to face now.”
“Is it too late to fight to the death because I got this weird feeling in my stomach, it’s not the good one,” Maria laughs.

“It’s never ever good when it comes to your stomach.” The cage is shifted and doubled, the ground where the girls are is split open between them and a growl is heard, the girls are separated by the split. “That can’t be good,” Maria says to Chi who picks up their weapons and throws or tries to throw a knife at Maria. The knife goes straight into the hole right in the middle, Maria looks disbelievingly at Chi “Really? Thanks a lot.”
“Oh please, I was flogged, Im in pains!” Chi answers panicked, holding the only weapon they have. A piercing howl comes to the surface, and the hound comes out and looks at the girls. Maria is shocked “what in Mother’s earth is that?”

Chi tilts her head, “I swear, I have never seen anything like that, is it a Lion? Or a dog, a wolf, a snake, oh my God!!! It’s hideous, I almost pity it.”
“I think it’s a Chimera but really a sort of experiment gone wrong.”

The hound growls and leaps at Maria, she jumps but it’s too late, the hound has one of its claws in her stomach. Chi screams and tries to jump to the other side, the cage is shifted again and the divided parts starts to come together, causing the hound to hit the bars of the cage. Chi hurries to Maria and pulls her to the edge, she stands in front of her with the knife in her hands and faces the hound, it stares and glides closer to them.

Maria tries to talk but comes out as a whisper, “Try to stab its eye.” Chi responds “Easier said than done, which of the eyes? Because I can see more than four on this side, it’s really really ugly.”
“Maria, we can’t die here, not like this, not by a dog thingy.” The hound seems to take offense at that and leaps at Chi, at the same time, she jumps to the left and the hound misses her by a bit. It howls really loudly and goes towards Maria. “Common, that’s just cowardly, there’s a perfectly good human right there.” She tries to stand up, she’s bleeding, and she looks at her blood and smiles sardonically, I have an idea.

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