Cycle of Ashes

Chi looks at her suspiciously, “I better be good unless we are going to be to dinner, literally.” Maria stumbles, “The blood will distract it, while it’s trying to get a taste, I need you to slit the throat or stab its heart.” Chi sighs, “There’s a serious flaw in your idea, and how on earth do I do that?”

“Do I have to explain everything to you? I’m going to be bait. The thing about predators, they tend to have bloodlust at which other senses are focused on the blood, so I’m going to count to three and pull out the claw, I need you to slit it’s throat, don’t stab it’s heart, we don’t know where that is located so we can’t go wrong with the neck thing, do you understand what I’m saying? My life is in your hands.”

The hound growls and paces impatiently. Chi sighs and looks at her; “Okay, we have nothing to lose either ways, I want to say just in case we don’t make it out alive that I… I think the way you pack your hair is utterly ridiculous.”
Maria looks at her incredulously and chuckles, “You are a crazy person.”
“Here goes nothing, 1 2 3!” She screams as she pulls out the claw, the hound leaps for her at the same time Chi jumps onto its back and stabs its neck, over and over.

The hound tries to get her off its body unsuccessfully, but she holds on determinedly and keeps stabbing a particular point until the hound is weak and down. Immediately, she stands bloody, the hound growls weakly, and Maria takes the knife from her and cuts neatly through the neck.

There’s utter silence in the crowd, Chi tries to help Maria stop her bleeding, she’s in tears, Maria we did it, we slayed a hound, stay awake, please stay awake!”

Maria smiles weakly, her cloth completely soaked in her blood. Chi screams, “Please help us, please I’ll do anything, just save her, please save her!!!” That is all Maria sees before slipping out of consciousness.

Chi looks at the man treating Maria’s injury, “That’s going to scar, I think we can tick beauty queen off her list,” She says quietly. The doctor looks at her like she’s crazy “ha ha ha, you are funny,” he says dryly.
“I’ll have you know I’m hilarious, In fact I’m so hilarious I could be a comedian.” Chi snickers at him, he smirks “Well I’m laughing now, laughing really hard on the inside.” Chi rolls her eyes, “For a doctor, you sure talk a lot.” He looks abashed, “I…… I talk a lot; you haven’t kept quiet for three seconds since you were both dragged in here.”
“Well….. I’m not a doctor,”
“Neither am I child.” Chi pauses for a second “wait….. What….. Then whhhy are you, whaaaaaat?!!”