Cycle of Ashes

“Everyone here learns a skill to be useful, while I might not be a doctor professionally, I’m good at stitching people and I’m the only one here that actually agreed to do this so instead of being an ungrateful brat, you should be kissing my feet.”
“That’s just gross, I mean look at them, when last did you have a bath man? Cleanliness is next to godliness.”
“Good for me then since there’s nothing godly about this place, you better do well to watch your back and trust nobody.” He finishes with Maria and cleans his equipment, putting them in an old portable box. “I’m done here; she should be up in three hours, Give her water and food, and Ill send someone to check on her.”

“Thank you, I’m really grateful, I just tend to blabber a lot when I’m scared. Really, Thank you, no one would help but you did, why?” He looks at her and smiles sardonically, “I used to have a daughter like the both of you, she was brave and strong, and that got her killed really quickly, I guess I just wanted to give you two a fighting chance, we don’t have much of those around here,” he smiles and leaves the room.

Maria groans, Chi rushes to her side “Where am I ” Chi whispers to her ears “You have been rescued by a prince and he plans on getting married to you and giving you all his kingdom so arise your royal highness.” Maria puts her hand on her face, “So I’m in hell apparently.” Chi snickers, “How do you figure?”
“Well, you are here again, will I ever be free from you?”
“No, never! unfortunately for you. How are you doing?” Chi asks.
“It feels like I battled with the devil and lived to talk about it”

“Well… It was something.” Chi smiles brightly “We are alive, we really made it.” Maria tries to sit up, Chi helps her rest against the wall, and she has a better view of where they are. “This looks cozy, wow, so many locks, who do they think we are?” Chi sighs deeply “Apparently, we are too dangerous.” Maria laughs and groans at the pain, Chi gets her a bowl of water, Maria looks at it suspiciously “Do I want to know where that came from?”

“No, you don’t.” Maria drinks the water till the last drop. Chi chuckles “How are the mighty fallen, from being Sowers to….. Being locked up in a sewer, Life is beautiful, don’t you think?”
“Half the time, I wonder if you are sane,” Maria says to Chi. “That’s funny; I think the exact same thing about you.” Maria smiles “We are a match made in heaven.”

“What’s the plan now?” Chi asks Maria, “Why on earth would you think I have a plan, I’ve been unconscious for over a day, my brain is foggy, and my mind is a mess.” Chi rolls her eyes, “It was just a scratch, get over it, since you don’t have a plan, let’s lay low until you heal up, try not to be too conspicuous, pfffft, forgot that part, that ship has sailed, let’s wing it.”
“Good, I don’t think I can do anything else.” Maria lies on Chi’s legs, since we don’t have a lot to do, tell me the story of how Nigeria became like this” Chi smiles, “You just want to hear me cuss out our past leaders”
“You have to admit, it is entertaining, you get so worked up every time you tell that story.” “Shut up and listen.”

PS: I am sorry for any mistakes {grammatical or otherwise}.