Cycle of Ashes

Chi clears her throat “Nigeria used to be a democratic country, we interacted with the world, we went to school and decided our future, some people said that decision has always been an illusion, some say it was up to us, either ways over time that choice was taken from us, as a country we have been through many phases; from the previous colonial era to the colonial era where we were sold as slaves to other country simply because we looked different and acted different, finally we had our independence or wait, did we? Or was it just an illusion of independence, to be honest the history books didn’t really say if we fought for it or it was given to us. Which was it” Maria looks up at Chi “Knowing us and our inability to fight for ourselves when it matters, I doubt we fought any more than we fought the new positioning era, we are just pieces that subtly agrees with the most powerful
Chi sighs ” this story is depressing, more depressing than our situation, what did we do as people to stop the positioning, always afraid of choosing a side, greedy and compromising until we traded our future for five thousand ” “Don’t rush the story, the colonial era then independence ” Maria chides her, Chi rolls her eyes “you are very demanding, then the Independence, people thought the worst was over and there came the civil war and a lot of constitutional amendment to a bunch of mumbo-jumbo jumbo, we survived a lot as a country, people thought Nigeria would be divided but somehow we manage to stay together despite it all, when the Democratic system was introduced, we thought it will get better, I mean what’s better than choosing your leader? But that was a dream, people sold their votes for an insult, political aspirants lied and made false promises, the rich kept getting richer, the poor kept getting poorer, power kept circling amongst the few chosen, what we practiced was a mockery of democracy, it’s no wonder we spiraled downwards, agents of change were ignored, messages of truth was trampled upon, we as a people refused to stand and fight for our rights, we kept taking in shit, hoping and praying that things will get better without really taking action, we complained bitterly like that ever works, yet we sat and let them control us not realizing that without us, there is no them, selling our future ” Chi laughs bitterly, Maria scoffs “here we are, doing the same thing we accuse our ancestors of doing, sit when we are told to sit, shit when we are told to shit”
Chi continues “then the last election disrupted the weak system and the great positioning was imposed, we were cut off from the rest of the world except for the rich, we were divided over the countries into levels, the almighty royals; the rich and the powerful, The descendants; the children of past rulers who for some reasons are classified elitists, the defenders: basically a fancy term for controlled soldiers by the royals, either way they are doing well for themselves, the hunters; They hunt everything including humans for a price, better to stay away from these ones, I’ve heard stories and none of them pretty, The sowers and the servicers; this used to be where we belonged, we farm and serve all of the class, I don’t know what you have to deserve the class, oh wait!!! I do, we are all where we are as a result of our ancestors but where our future will be is going to be as a result of what we do today”
Maria rises from Chi’s legs and rests on the wall “and as we do with everything else, we sit and let everyone make the decision for us, what exactly will it take for us to do something, by the numbers, we are more than the privileged few, what exactly is power? Is it just a big Tummy and a lot of papers people seem to value more than lives and oh one more category, our present situation, we are not even worthy of a name, we just simply exists out of the society, out of proprietary”
Chi laughs “do you realize that you sound like a poet even without meaning to, but here we are , don’t even get me started on the pillaging and the abuse of power, it’s ridiculous, why do we even try so hard to survive, this place sucks, everything hurts, I’m scared of what happens after now, I miss home” “I know, I’m sorry I did this to us, I should have just kept my big mouth shut, who knew it could get worse than before ” Chi smiles at Maria “it’s not your fault, I made my choice, it’s our big mouth and we will survive this hell hole”
Maria hugs Chi, “want to hear something that rhymes?
It’s the good nature in you that shines,
The tides that push and pull
Will not put us into a fool’s abode
You are stronger than you look
Hell hole is just another fool
You will make vamoose
We will survive this and more, and history will remember us and the girls that refused to conform to the delegated rules” Chi laughs and sniffles “That is a terrible poem, I could do better” Maria smiles at Chi “we will make it out of this alive, together!!! ” she says with so much force and yet at a really low voice, Chi looks at her and understands the conviction in her voice, The door opens “well well well… Am I interrupting