Set apart by her difference
Like a fish on land
Struggles to fit in
Never quite right
She buries all that makes her
To meet up with the status quo
Never happy
Never sad
The indifference, like a poison
Buries her slowly
Killing her silently
It’s Comfortable, at first
Then suddenly,
She can’t breathe
She feels it
Like an itch that can’t go away
She tries to rise above it
She tries to move on with it
In the midst of pain and silence
She realizes too late
Fitting in, is a big lie
Her difference, was all she ever needed

*Celebrate your difference, it’s what makes you unique, the very essence of your nature, your purpose and your drive. It’s tempting to go with the crowd, to be “Trendy” , to go with the popular consensus even when everything in you disagrees. As we grow, being true to our core might at the end save us in moments of trial, we learn each day, about ourselves and the environment.

I am not saying you should be rigid or headstrong about foolish decisions or opinion, I’m talking about dreams, nature, gifts, talents, our essence, the ability to know when to follow and when to stop, the boundaries we set for ourselves, our hope, our failures, our weaknesses, our strengths. No two people are the same, we are all different from each other, so imagine the kind of folly to be just like another person and end up losing who you are just to fold yourself in the image of someone else. Becoming a copy is the biggest betrayal to yourself and that’s a long, painful road to depression, self doubt and the lowest level one can fall into.

Its great to be recognized, famous and rich, this is not the road to happiness, the ability to remain who you are in spite of the pressure comes with a kind of pride that leaves you standing tall. Sure, the world might call you weird, odd, off, freak and other names that might seem undignified and insulting. Take pride in it, it just means you are bold enough to embrace that part of you that screams you, your vital code on your makeup.

Leonardo da Vinci is widely referred to as one of the greatest artist of all times, he had no formal education but he had an imagination that couldn’t be rivaled, now he was a bastard and in his time, this was something that could have hindered his success if he had dwelled on what the society expected of him, there are other great people in history who would have been called odd in their time like Galileo(he actually died for his difference), Michelangelo,Williams Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Alexander the great, Martin Luther King Jr, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Mohammad, Jane Austen, Maya Angelo, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace e.t.c The list goes on and on, These people broke through the status quo and became legends. Being like everyone else is a perfect way to cheat yourself.

Celebrate your difference, soak in your code, be proud of where you came from, be sure of your destination, Be loud about your freak!!! Be you.