Episode 21

Episode 21


“Is this a game to you?” Erin asks and I smirk.

“No, you are not a game to me.” I remember the fact that Elena exists right in that moment and I freeze.

“What?” He grabs my face in his hands.

“Elena, I remembered why we can never move forward. I don’t want to have to share you but I guess we are moving forward, you kissed me back.” I grin and wink at him as I give him space.

He sighs “Why do you have to be sooooo…”

“What? What am I my dear Prince?” I ask.

“Forget it” he sits away from me.

“You are a loyal one, aren’t you? You don’t look like you can kill people in cold blood.” He stares at me as if he’s trying to decipher something.

“First, all is fair in love and war, and second your brother didn’t look like a psycho, see where that got us. Don’t try to humanise me Erin, if anyone threatens my safety and the people I care about, I can be ruthless. Your men are not afraid of me for nothing.” I say to him with a straight face.

“Although I am not blood thirsty and I have never killed an innocent blood at least by my terms. So there’s that.” I look at anywhere else but him.

“Heyy, I’m not judging. I want to know, I am curious about you. I want to know you Salem and you can get to know me too if you want. Let’s do this, let’s meet at the Pallaire tonight, I want to show you something.” He says to me.

“You want me to meet you at the same place you sleep with another woman in a disguise?” I raise my brows.

He laughs “when you put it that way, it does sound distasteful, I’ve seen you watch there and Elena aside, I know you are curious, bravado aside. You have an innocent side to you Salem, don’t flatter yourself. See you tonight.”

I watch him leave and grin to myself. I feel my heart flutter.

“You are in danger.” Paula comes from inside.

“What do you mean?” I cock my head to the side.

“Your heart Salem, you are falling in love with the Prince.” She sighs.

“I know, I don’t hate it you know. Maybe you should open your heart, you might find it enjoyable.” I chuckle.

“Be careful, I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Paula resigns.

“I wouldn’t dare, I don’t want you pulling out people’s heads now, would I?” I pull her hair playfully.

“I might be hot tempered, and you cool tempered but I have seen you angry and my temper is nothing compared to yours.” She shivers as if cold.

I scoff “you might be right Paula but I only get mad when people hurt my people.”

“Is the Prince one of your people?” She gently asks.

I take a deep breath “Yes Paula, Yes he is.”


I and Paula are disguised as royal guards again in the Pallaire, food is served and we sit to wait for the Prince.

“This is so good! What is it?” Paula asks me as she swallows an impressive heap of food on her spoon.

“Lamb and other things.” I reply absent mindedly as I watch Elena make her way to us.

“You are a sight for sore eyes” she says excitedly as she sits beside us.

I grin and Paula rolls her eyes.

“There’s no word that I can use to describe you”. I say before sipping the wine.

She laughs jovially “Such a jester. How I have missed your company.”

“Well, you are easy to please.” Paula says sarcastically but Elena doesn’t notice the tone, she gives Paula a kiss on a cheek and Paula is frozen with a spoon midway to her mouth.

I laugh at her so hard it brings tears to my eyes, she scowls at me.

“Do you need me to get girls for you, it must have been really lonely for you as strangers in the land.” She makes a signal to a servant.

I cough from what she implies. “No no no no no, thank you, I am very much alright, I don’t know about Paul though, He might be interested.”

Paula growls at me, all of a sudden a strange lady wraps her hands around me and sits on my lap, I see Paula smirk.

“Such a handsome man, come with me, let me take care of you.” She tries to kiss me as I try to lift her off my legs at the same time.

I hear Paula chuckling and see the Prince and Victor move to our table at the same time.

A big muscled man drags her off me.

“Is he the one? Is he the reason you have been ignoring me?” He challenges the lady.

“I… I..” I try to talk but I’m cut off.

“Shut up, I am not talking to you.”

He grabs the lady by her hair, she struggles and scream back at me.

“We are done! We are over! I am a whore!! Isn’t that what you called me? Well I am going to show you what exactly I am.”

She tries to come over to me and I put hands in a cross symbol to say I’m not interested.

“How dare you? Is this what you like now? Pretty men? Look at him, he can never protect you.” He retorts.

“What good is all your muscles if you don’t have a brain to back it up.” She rolls her eyes.

I whisper to Paula that we should leave, she grins mischievously and relaxes to indicate she’s not going anywhere.

I sigh and stand to leave. The man drags me back with my hat.

“Wh…what on…?” Erin tries to stand, Paula stops him and she winks at me.

I am short of words and I glare at her.

“I challenge you to a Twark!!!” He screams at me and this brings absolute silence.

“Hold up for a second, I don’t even know her!!! What is a Twark?” I ask Paula.

Victor answers “A fight to the death unless someone surrenders but that would mean he will be a loser all his life and would have no life in Rale.”

“Are you kidding me? You want to fight with me because of that? That girl? Someone I do not even know?” I ask the brute.

“Then why was she all over you!!! On my honour, I challenge you, accept so we can fight.” He says to me.

“You really don’t have brains like she said, do you?” I scoff and relax.

His nose flares, “Accept my challenge!!!”

“No, I don’t want to” I say and take a good look at him.

A warrior but not one known for his smarts obviously.

“You realize this is what she does, it’s her work.”

“How dare you insult her?” He screams at me.

He is in love with her and I retreat.

“Why don’t we talk about this amicably, like gentlemen.” I slowly back away.

He scoffs and throws a punch my way.