I was dumb and silent,
Now I am no different.
She thought,
Grown at twelve,
A pushover she was,
Not strong, not soft;
Just barely holding on.

The silence kills her
Like an echo,
It sounds her out,
Snuffs her cry,
Her need for help.

He comes closer,
He takes over,
In and out, he goes;
Don’t tell anyone this,
Or I’ll kill you at night.
He says to her, as he sends her home.

She screams,
Not out loud;
Hoping to be heard,
Not a problem child,
Everyone says;
Just a bit too quiet,
For a child at Eight.

Misunderstood and judged,
She stood on Earth’s cliff
At least this way,
I get peace;
She thinks out loud,
He won, I lost
I have no will,
To go on;

Her eyes closed,
A deep sigh!!!
Resigned and relieved,
She jumps and-
smiles for the first time,
On her way down…
Peace at last,
The silence claims her,
Once again.