Funke and her dreams

Funke was a big dreamer;
She wanted to see the world,
Conquer it and own it.
She was brilliant and somewhat a genius;
But one thing stood in Funke’s way.
Funke was poor.

Funke was optimistic;
She believed in Karma and hard work,
Funke came out top in class;
But the Employer wanted her top off,
Funke Dazed and in distraught;
She walked the long haul.

Today, Funke was not promoted;
The Senator son with the rude attitude was,
HR said she was no one;
Funke stood tall and screamed at him,
I am somebody.
Funke walked out,
She waited for Karma to do her work,
Karma’s timeline was too long for Funke.

Funke’s light started to dim,
Her hopes turned into woes;
Her dreams became smaller,
Her heart became stronger;
Her head full of resent,
Her soul full of hurt;
She thought she did everything right,
Why was it so hard to live neat and without fright;
Funke let go of her dreams;
She thought to herself,
I never even had a chance.

Funke learnt how to trade,
She became a business woman who sold hair extensions and braids;
Her course and dreams in check;
She once wanted to change the world,
And filled with dreams that would make a child green with envy;
Now she’s a woman who wants to pay the bills and survive.
A honest trader, enjoyed the little trips of happiness;
She lost a part of herself that had marvel for the world.
Funke became who she never wanted to be.
Someone who settled for less.