Baby’s POV;

I hear her cry every night; heart throbbing sounds that makes me wide awake.
I feel strokes and pleas
it scares me.
I find no comfort in Mama’s womb
My heart beats next to her when all’s quiet and in those rare moment she tells me stories
About my Father; a man who has no knowledge of my existence.
About her life, her friends, her family
It makes me happy, to think I’d be part of this family of love.
I am happy in Mama’s womb..
One morning,
It felt different,
I couldn’t tell how;
Mama was apologizing more than usual
She was up extra early,
With a tremor in her voice, she sang me Good morning.
I felt it then,
the cold metal hands of death.
Then I knew;
Mama didn’t want me.
I was unloved.
I tried to fight it, as I struggled I heard Mama’s scream;
“Serves her right!” I thought.
But my fragile 7 weeks self was no match,
As the stranger sucked my very essence out;
I wondered what I’d done to deserve death at the hands of the very person meant to give me life.

Mother’s POV;

I’m just sixteen
What am I going to do?
No way to spead my wings
To forget my dreams
Just to grow this seed
I am just a kid
I sob at every light
Guilt in my mind
Is it in my head or I feel a movement in my ribs
I tell myself, as I touch my womb
You are just a seed
No consciousness or grief
No harm done
Why do I feel my heart break
Like this is a mistake
I’ll live to regret
For the rest of my days
Are you alive?
I say to the seed
I tell him stories that are just fables
Lies that his father was a king
That my family didn’t just throw me out the street
Do you feel my warmth
Better this way
I think,
As I feel a great pain my way
Better to go back to where you came
Where pain and misery is a tale
I feel a tear drop as I feel empty Again

Written by Rygles and Fidei

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