Okay, so I made a little mistake,

We all do;

No one is perfect

And I never asked to be here,

I know no one did but still;

Cut me some slack,

It is my first time here;

I didn’t know it was a wig,

It looked very real…

Joy said to the receptionist.


Oops, I didn’t know the coffee was that hot,

You said you wanted it;

You really should lose some weight,

Look at that gut;

What do you eat?

Don’t mind me,

I am not body shaming you;

You should change your shirt,

Blue is not your color;

Joy said to the head of the panel.



Why would you ask me about my father?

It is a sore spot;

He disowned me, if you must know.

Something about me being mental.

He is the one with the drinking problem,

As you can see;

I am perfectly sane.

As someone who has been confused several times for crazy,

I’ll advise you.

You shouldn’t pack your hair that way,

It looks ridiculous.

Joy said to the CEO.


It’s a pity,

You are too short;


I can see the crown of your head,

No wonder you are so short tempered;

I am curious though…

How’s it?

Is it as small as you are? You know… it.

I don’t understand why you are so angry.

Joy said to a member of the panel.


They were all so nice,

I gave them bits of what I think;

They must have realized what a gem I was,

You can’t hide all of these,

It’ll find a way to shine.

I am 99 percent sure that I’m getting the job,

They loved me.

Joy said to her sister, Toria.