Kdrama Review

I willingly admit I’m a fan of Korean dramas and recently I’ve been into Chinese dramas too. I have a lot of favorites, I love movies, books, series {the country doesn’t matter as long as it’s good and it has a good subtitle}. We love what we love for a number of reasons.
The drama that made such an impact in me, made me rethink life’s choice and reexamine myself and the kind of person I am. I think this a drama everyone should watch.

“A man in his 40’s withstands the weight of life. A woman in her 20’s goes through different life experiences, but also withstands the weight of her life. The man and woman get together to help each other.”
SOURCE: Wikipedia
The writer has my respect for this plot, no one saw it coming, I thought it was going to be a romance drama, it was so much more than that. It tells you about the little things we take for granted, the actions and reactions we take that can help the people around us.

The beauty of the drama is its relativity, anyone can relate to it, a day to day life and the blessings we take for granted. The love and the different kinds of relationship in the drama. There are different kinds of love, not everything has to be romantic and they count too and as much as important.
It took me on a journey, made me laugh, cry and simply evaluate my person. My mister is captivating on different levels, the neighborhood, work life and balancing it with the turmoils of family, friends and confusing feelings that one can’t control. The bond between brothers with different personality and dreams, the joy of motherhood, the pain and the guilt, pent up anger and frustration shown in the drama was brilliantly executed.

The relationship between the leads, the chemistry and a beautiful outcome that shows that you don’t need a romantic tree relationship for a process to begin. Some people are in your life for more than just dating, there’s a love that is much more precious. Putting a smile on someone’s face is a miracle we take for granted.

I am trying to say a lot without saying too much, If you haven’t watched My Mister, then you need to, emphasis on the need!!! The humanity and the process of healing is something you need to see for yourself.
The casts were brilliant, the director deserved all the accolades the drama got, despite it simplicity, the drama to me was like a mirror to seeing the things that matter in life and this, you matter just as much as the precious person/people in your life.