Koruna Chapter 1


The Meeting 1

Betsy scowled at her personal assistant Shola;
“Margaret did what?”

Shola took a deep breath and repeated himself, “She was caught using drugs at the Mala’s party, and the pictures were leaked to the public by a disgruntled waitress who had been fired because she served Margaret with the wrong silverware.”

Betsy took a deep sigh, “Are all of my grandchildren incompetent? Or did I fail as a matriarch?”

Shola thought to himself that if she had spent more time with the children instead of the business, maybe they would not have grown up to be such arrogant, spoilt assholes.

“I don’t think it is any fault of yours ma’am, sometimes the only thing we can do for our children is let them go so they learn by themselves.” Shola remarked earning another glare from Betsy.

“Did I ask for your opinion?” Betsy asked icily.

“N… No ma’am, I am sorry.” Shola bowed his head.

“Do you think if their parents had been alive, they would have turned out better?”

Betsy took her glasses off and crossed her legs while she stared at Shola who kept quiet.

“Do I not even deserve an answer now?” Betsy raised a corner of her small yet full lips.

“N..No… Ma, that is not what I meant, I.. I was trying to … I don’t know what would have happened to the children and I don’t think it is wise to dwell upon the past, we should look to the future instead.”

Shola blurted out.

Betsy smirked at him, “At this rate, I doubt there would be any future left. Four grandchildren and one adopted child, yet not one of them are worthy to be the heir to this empire. Margaret is ruthless and smart but she is too self-centered and arrogant to see the big picture, Felix is so certain he would be heir that he is so carefree and nonchalant, I have never seen anyone so lazy and obnoxious, I can’t even think about him without having a headache. Don’t get me started on Annie and Bernie, their mischievousness knows no bounds, they are afraid of nothing and everyone else eats out of their hand, they are the terror of Saint Meen School, and Kelvin is too timid to do anything probably because of the adopted thing he has going on. He doesn’t have enough self-esteem for himself, how will he be useful for anything, anything at all!”

Shola sighed with her although all he wanted to do was sleep, but wouldn’t be able to do anything as long as the “green witch of Ballan’s castle” is up, that is what he called her in his head.

“Are you useless to me too Shola? Am I just wasting my resources on you as well? Prove to me that you are not and give me an idea, something that would unbalance the scales and bring those children to their heels” Betsy stood and walked around the room very calmly.

Shola cleared his throat…

“What about Miss Simi’s boot camp? The Connells sent Mr. Jason there last year and I hear that he is quite the gentleman at the moment.”

“I am not an animal and I would not send any of my children to that hellhole, Miss Simi is one of the most ruthless woman I know, she broke her son’s hand to stop him from smoking. She breaks those children and remolds them into creepy little robots. Maybe it would not be a bad idea to send you there, I could use a creepy little robot.” Betsy threatened Shola.

Shola rolled his eyes on the inside, “I very much like me like this but thank you for the generous offer ma’am.”

“How did you make your child to be so well behaved despite being raised in such poor environment?” Betsy’s pipe is lit and her slim round fingers curled around the stick as she inhaled deeply.
Shola wondered why she is still alive with such habits…

“You would not like this idea but it might work.”

“I am not picky, let’s hear this idea of yours.” Betsy sat by the window and allowed him ignore her remark at his child, it was always so fun teasing him.

“Mr. Ballan had a child outside marriage, I know you consider it the biggest crime your son could have ever committed but bringing the child into the home can upset the balance the children have and cause them to pay attention as there is a variable they did not see coming.” Shola said while taking a step back from her.

“What do you mean?” Betsy asked.

“Make the inheritance an equal opportunity for everyone including Kelvin and Koruna that is her name… Mr. Ballan’s illegitimate child.” Shola proposed.

“How long have you been working for me?” Betsy raised her brow.

“Long enough.” Shola mumbled.


“Twenty-one years.” Shola said out loud.

“What my son did was something I took all pain to hide, you dare bring up this issue now? After twenty-one years, you still cannot tell the lines?” Betsy growled at him.

“You have a point though, how come you know her name?” Betsy stared at Shola suspiciously.

“You told me to always keep an eye on her. It has been seventeen years and you pay for the surveillances… Ma’am” Shola said through gritted teeth.

“I know that, I call her File 232, I did not need to know her name and what kind of name is Koruna?” Betsy chuckled.

“It could mean the currency of Czech Republic which was Mr. Ballan’s favorite country to visit or a euphemism for Crown in ancient Greek, however you want to take it.”

Shola answered smoothly.

“You are fond of the girl!” Betsy remarked surprised.

“T…that is not what I meant ma’am” Shola quickly replied.

Betsy laughed cynically, “No, it is okay. I am more intrigued now. You have always been terrible at hiding your feelings which is why you have lasted so long, it was okay as long as I could read your expressions. Whenever you talk about my other children, one could tell that you are annoyed but you just saying her name is just… okay, set up a meeting.”

“I… I can’t.”

“What do you mean you can’t?” Betsy looked at him seriously.

“It would be hard to set up a meeting.” Shola repeated.

“Why is that?” Betsy asked.

“She is very elusive, the only reason I know where she is because of her popularity in the Flames, she has a popular or unpopular reputation there.” Shola explained.

“She stays in the Flames, the pits? Where riff-raffs, thugs and the worst of the earth’s humans live?” Betsy widened her eyes at the realization.

“I wouldn’t say that, their reputation is just quite exaggerated, it has its charms. Thinking about it now, it is a terrible idea to get involved with Koruna.”

“Why?” Betsy asked.

“It’s just that with her background and lack of parental control, she would be too wild and uncultured to fit in here.” Shola commented.

“You managed to do that just fine.” Betsy nodded at him.
Shola rolled his eyes in his head.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me?” Betsy asked amused.
Shola panicked realizing that he did it in real time.

“I must have lost my mind ma’am.” Shola bowed.

“Fine… Find out where she is, I would not mind meeting her there. The more I think about it, the more curious I get.” Betsy smiled at Shola and he knew that this was just the beginning of this matter.

“Manager!!! This girl here has been nothing but disrespectful to me all evening, is this how your waitresses are?” A busty woman with cheap perfume screamed at a young tall lady in a waitress uniform.
“Koruna!!! Behave!” The manager said with little enthusiasm.

“I am on my best behavior, Look red lipstick!!! Where do you think this is? The Lither hall? This is what you get when you order for palm oil spaghetti at Blue balls in The Flames and don’t you have to be back on the streets by 10pm, that’s when all the men with the money come.” Koruna smirked at the woman.

One could tell the area of business she was into and it was not because she wore a mini black dress and an Afro wig, and also not because of her red lips and the scent of her perfume but it was because Ralph owned her and all of Ralph’s properties have a tattoo on the side of their neck for identification and protection. Nobody touched Ralph’s girls, he ran the Flames along with three other gangs. Flora was one of the girls who liked to think they were better than their lives and gave everyone else hell whenever they could and that was what the manager thought which was why he let her handle them.

“Did you just slut shame me?” Flora screamed at Koruna.

“Oh… Wow, is that a new word you learnt? I am impressed but that cannot be used in this case, I called you a slut… yes but I did not shame you, you did that all by yourself with the screaming, eat your spaghetti and go home or wherever your home will be for the night.” Koruna picked her plates.

“You did it again, you shamed me!” Flora exclaimed.

Koruna sighed deeply; “How? Kindly explain to me how.”

Everyone else in the restaurant looked on amused… “You inferred that I won’t be spending the night in my house, which means I would be in another man’s house.”

“First, I never said that especially in those words and secondly… Well, would you be spending it in your house?” Koruna smirked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“That is not the point.” Flora tried to grab Koruna by the collar, but Koruna dodged and smacked her hand.

“No red lips, words only.” Koruna scolded.

“You know what? I am not paying for this food!” Flora ran out the door.

Koruna ran after her with the manager yelling behind to let her go. They ran until they got to a corner when Flora stopped all of a sudden and smacked Koruna on her shoulders.

“You were right, I did get away with it.” Flora laughed so hard.

Koruna smirked, “This one time Flo, I just got this job and I intend on keeping it and that can’t happen if people keep coming in for free meals.”

“You really think you can go straight.” Flora removed her wig exposing a beautiful set of big brown eyes.

“Baby… I’m made no other way unless you are offering to bend me.” Koruna winked at her.

“You wish! You know what I mean, do you really think you would be able to stop stealing? You have been the leader of our crew since we were 13, what are we supposed to do now?” Flo whined.

“Try going straight like me.” There was a pause before they burst out into laughter.

“Is there something you are not telling me?” Flo looked her and winked.

Koruna sighed deeply, “Have you ever wondered what your biological mother was?”
Flo glanced at her with her eyes alert… “What have you done?”

Koruna scowled… “Nothing yet… do you want me to do something to you?” Koruna wiggled her brows.

“I am serious here…” Flo refused to smile and glared at her.

Two men in suit walked to them in their corner. Flo held Koruna and tried to run.

“Okay hamster, relax… It’s just two of them and they don’t look hostile.”

“Good evening Ladies, our benefactor would like to have a word with you.” The slimmer one talked to Koruna.

Flo scoffed at them… “You expect us to follow two strange men at night to a “benefactor”, just like that?”

“Not you, just her.” The stockier one replied.

Flo tangled her arms with Koruna as she whispered to her ears.

“Their wristwatch looks expensive, it could feed us for a month or more.” Koruna said to her.

“I thought you quit.” Flo answered.

“I say a lot of stupid things.” Koruna replied.

“True, you do say a lot of idiotic things.” Flo smiled.
Koruna grinned at the men exposing her beautiful smile showing off her perfect set of teeth. “Alright gentlemen, lead the way.”

They walked calmly behind the men, the minute the men faced another direction, they knocked them out and were removing their wristwatches when soft yet firm voice spoke behind them.

“To be honest, I expected nothing less from a girl who was born from a prostitute.” A beautifully dressed elderly woman grinned cockily behind them.

“Ouchhhh, okay… which of us were you referring to?” Koruna asked.

“To whom the cap fits.” Betsy replied.

“What cap?” Koruna raised her brow as she removed the wristwatch from the man in suit.