Koruna Chapter 2


The Meeting 2

Betsy laughed coldly … “Either you think of yourself as some comedian or you are as dumb as they come.”

“Wow, you are rude, beautiful but very rude. You have this Cinderella step-mother vibe going, has anyone ever told you that before? Or do you pay people to say nice things to you?” Koruna replied.

“I told you to stop saying stupid things, now you are embarrassing us in front of the old woman with an umbrella in the middle of the night where there is neither rain nor sun… hmmm… never mind, likes always attract likes.” Flo said with a polite bow at Betsy.

Koruna chuckled at that… “I see you cannot help yourself either.”

“What? You know I have always been attracted to powerful people, maybe if I bow just right, she might spank me with some gold or silver or bronze. I am not picky, just so we are clear.” Flo said to Koruna while she stared at Betsy.

“Rather than engage in this childish tantrums, why don’t we find somewhere to talk, I have to guess that in this area; there has to be a place that isn’t overrun with rats or pee.” Betsy said with a show of disgust at their surroundings.

“Why? What do you want from us?” Flo asked.

“Not you, the other cheeky one.” Betsy winced when a drunk passed.

“Now, what cheek?” Koruna smirked, Betsy and Flora groaned out loud at her joke.

“Fine!!! You two have no taste in humor, we could go back to the blue balls. That is as decent as decent can get.” Koruna shrugged.

“I refuse to go to a place named Blue balls.” Betsy scoffed and tapped her fingers. Men in suit came from the shadows and helped their colleagues on the ground.

“Impressive entourage, what are you? The queen of the Ballan’s castle? And what do you have against blue balls? Too much in common?” Koruna asked and held Flo’s hands.

“Do you ever shut up?” Betsy asked.

“Usually with my mouth full.” Koruna winked and Betsy groaned again.

“Don’t you have to go back to work?” Flora asked Koruna.

“Not really, what is happening right now looks more fun. What do you want?” Koruna asked Betsy.

“Do you really want to talk about it here?” Betsy asked.

“Why? The wall not up to your taste?” Koruna raised her left brow.

“Why don’t we go to the Lither hall, I would feel more comfortable talking there.” Betsy suggested.

“Well… I don’t … Did you just say the Lither hall?” Koruna asked surprised.

Betsy saw that she finally managed to catch the young girl’s attention.

“Yes, yes she did… I don’t care if she kidnaps us or sells us. It is a good risk to take, we might never enter there in our life time.” Flora persuaded Koruna.

“Fine… let’s risk our lives for food.” Koruna agreed.

“Please… What else is living meant for?” Flo laughed as they followed Betsy into a black limousine that left the girls feeling a lot warmer.

“Wooooooooooowwwww!!!” Flo whispered to Koruna.

“I know!!!” Koruna whispered back.

Betsy sat opposite them and switched on the light, for the first time; all three could look at each other’s features properly.

“That is one pointed nose!!!” Koruna remarked.

“It is the same as yours” Flo responded with a frown.

“My nose isn’t that long, is it?” Koruna asked seriously.

“Could you two please keep quiet for like three minutes please?” Betsy asked with a sigh.

The limo was quiet for about a second before Koruna broke it.

“Do you need a surrogate for pregnancy or are you looking to hire a girl to break your son’s virginity because I have to tell you, I can’t carry babies and forget what this young lady is wearing, she is by no means a prostitute not that I have any issues with prostitutes, they earn good money… she only wore this to get free food.” Koruna assured.

“Thank you very much Koruna” Flora responded dryly.

The limo came to a stop at the gate of a very big restaurant, they are led to a private room and given the menu when Shola came into the room and whispered to Betsy.

“I know you.” Koruna commented.

“Isn’t he the stalker from five years ago?” Flo looked at Shola with a frown.

“No, that was someone else. He was the one who bailed me out of jail when we stole from the house of the Connell and was betrayed by Grace. You left me behind remember?”

“Ohhhhhh” Flo replied with a mumble.

“You did what?” Betsy asked Shola.

“It is nothing ma’am, just a little misunderstanding.” Shola replied and gave Koruna a look.

“He was also the one who paid for my medical bills when Crock stabbed me in a hand-to-hand combat during a street fight, he tried to hide his face but I remember.” Koruna smiled.

“Are you my father?” Koruna gasped dramatically.

Shola stumbled on his foot… “No… no… oh my God… It is not…”

“For God’s sake, he is not your father but you are my grand-daughter.” Betsy replied with a glint in her eyes.

There was an awkward silence for about 30 seconds when the waiter came to take the order, he cleared his throat three times to gain their attention but gave up and decide to come back when he saw them frozen in place.

“Out of all the things I thought you would say!!!” Flora whispered loudly.

“I am Madam Betsy of the Ballan House and you my dear are my illegitimate grandchild.” Betsy continued.

“Whoaaaaaaaaa… The Betsy? That same one? The one that ended the Konde family with the snap of her fingers? That one? The one and only house of Ballan with the big castle? The …” Flora whisper yelled and was cut off by Betsy.

“Why don’t you excuse us and move to that table, order whatever you want; just do me a favor and try not to say a word.” Betsy ordered in a tone that asked for no refusal.

Flora stood up abruptly and saluted Betsy which made Shola smirk. Koruna stared at Betsy in shock then shook her head.

“Finally, something to make you go speechless.” Betsy smiled proudly.

“O…I… Wait, give me a second, my brain is trying to digest this information, are you sure you are not a sex trafficker because that would make more sense than being related to you and I thought Matriarch Betsy was a cranky old woman with an icy glare that would make even the Devil shiver, that is what is being said about you downtown. You …” Koruna took another look at her with her large hat that covered half of her face, her proud nose, her brown yet slightly wrinkled face, her gait and the way she carried herself. “You fit that description…” Koruna admitted with a mumble.

“Why now? The fact that I know that man… means you have known about me for a while now and if your reach is as far as they say, I am guessing since birth. What do you want from me now?” Koruna asked suspicious of them both.

“Do I need to have a reason? I am here to bring you home and introduce you to the houses as a daughter of the Ballans, this is something you shouldn’t question but appreciate.” Betsy told her with a proud tilt.

“I know you want me to keep quiet but if you want her to do as you say, that is a very terrible approach. Koruna hates being told what to do, but not me though; you can order me any time.” Flora remarked with her mouth full.

Betsy glared at her which made Flora imitate the closing of a zip with her mouth and she continued eating.

Koruna laughed out loud, “Okay, tell me what do you want from me?”

“What do you mean? Is there any reason to want my grand-daughter home?” Betsy chuckled.

“Yeah, I can imagine that you are the warm and fuzzy type. You want something, if you tell me then maybe we can come to some sort of agreement but if you don’t tell me, how else can I help you?” Koruna continued.

“I see that you don’t trust easily, but is that everything you have to ask? Don’t you want to know about your father, or how you ended up being where you are when your biological family has everything?” Betsy asked.

“The answer is very obvious… and it won’t do me any good to ask that, what is the point?” Koruna drank her water.

“Really? Enlighten me!” Betsy leaned towards her.

Koruna leaned back and sighed. “You people will do anything to maintain reputation and this might have been the reason for hiding me, my mother died giving birth to me so that was a good closure for you, my father must have been Charles the man who died with his wife in a car accident, I don’t think he would have had the heart to stand up to you regarding me, looking at the different classes, A married Ballan in love with a girl from the Flames, you would have died before he sullied the Family name, but I am still blood anyways so you had him look after me… No, you had him keep an eye on me, he did the looking after all by himself but now, you need something and I am instrumental to whatever plans you have. Did I get anything wrong?”

Betsy looked at Koruna with surprise and a little bit of respect. “Why are you so certain that image is everything to me?”

“It’s easy, you don’t want me to see you or anyone to even see or notice you in the Flames, you had your men dressed in black suits which is more of the Eric family theme, you are dressed in black and pardon me, you don’t look like you have an emotional bone in your body, you have contingencies in case this should leak to the public, You own the Lither hall, don’t you? And I really enjoyed stealing from your kind of people, it is interesting the things you can hear in the dark when they think nobody is watching. The rest are just inferences.” Koruna said with a spark in her eyes.

Betsy looked at Koruna with renewed interest.

“You have a lot of those, don’t you? Secrets.” Betsy challenged.

“Not as much as you, I’d bet. What do you want from me Madam Betsy of the Ballan” Koruna countered.

“I want you to come and take your place as a Ballan, you would have equal rights as your siblings. I cannot help with the illegitimate part but looking at that fire in your eyes; you would need no help.” Betsy smiled at Koruna for the first time.

“No… I want nothing to do with you or the Family.” Koruna smirked and looked through the menu.

“I don’t understand these words, are they really food or just random diseases?” Koruna asked out loud.

Betsy removed her hat exposing an elderly and beautiful woman… “Your life could change”

“No… I like my life just fine; I don’t intend on being anything but what I am.” Koruna replied with a cheeky smile

Betsy adjusted her hat with a smirk; “What? A petty thief and a liar? I am offering you the world!”

“Exactly, It is giving me Devil vibes” Koruna shrugged.

“Excuse me” Betsy raised her brow.

Koruna sighed deeply “I mean it gives… how old are you? I am just curious, you look like you might have been alive at the same time as Moses.”

“Rude, wild and cocky… all of these things you would have to change once you bear my name.” Betsy shook her head at her.

Koruna rolled her eyes at the well-dressed elderly woman before her “Is this a thing? I say one thing and you completely ignore me …”

“You will soon understand that no one refuses me, especially not one who is barely out of diapers.” Betsy cuts her short.

“The diapers thing, do you wear them?” Koruna smirked.

“We have so much work to do.” Betsy groaned out loud.

“Or none at all, I am really not interested but I still want to eat.” Koruna groaned.

“Why?” Betsy calmed and held her hand.

“I don’t like going to places I do not know, where I would be vulnerable and I especially do not like going in blind.” Koruna explained.

“You would be rich!” Flora exclaimed.

“You would be able to take care of all of us, Ethan’s hospital bill, George could resume vocational training, I could finally go to fashion school and Daniel… Daniel could stop stealing.” Flora continued.

“Wait, why am I responsible for that? You all can sort yourselves out.” Koruna rolled her eyes.

“Please…” Betsy mumbled.

“What?” Koruna widened her eyes.

“Please. Come home.” Betsy sighed in surrender.

“Okay, when do you want me?”