Lamentations of a broken girl

Hey you;
Judge me!
I like to sleep around for fun;
Slutshame me,
Go ahead;
Don’t be shy,
It’s not like it’s your first time;
You did it to Sarah yesterday.

Why are you quiet today?
Is it because I’m your daughter?
A result of your mistake yesterday?
You liked to take chastity for granted;
You plunge and you release,
With no thought of tomorrow;
Why so Grimm?
You did this to me;
Created me without a single glance.

You probably thought that’d be the end;
How do you feel?
Knowing you just ate a forbidden fruit?
Yes I am your daughter and now your lover,
Together we are cursed;
Don’t put on a frown,
It’s not like you had a morality guage.

Curious about my mother?
Oh, she killed herself after she had me,
With descriptions to your place;
You see?
You didn’t give me a chance at twelve;
Take this filth from my presence you said.

Well, Dear Father;
Let’s perish together,
From your loins I was created;
By my loins you will die,
No need to fret;
I’m certain the poison has already taken effect.
See you in Hell.