Love lost

You don’t know much about Love;
But plenty about loss,
A little crack, a little knack;
There you go,
Sated and in bloom.

It comes and goes;
This feeling of crush and lust,
Sometimes it deepens into something beautiful,
Other times it fades into wraith;
Doesn’t mean it’s love,
Sometimes it just means you were touched by the god Eros.

Enjoy the moment,
Feel the butterflies;
Awkwardness and temporary loss of sanity,
It’s simply part of journey;
You have got to lose your mind to gain some perspective.

When you fall in love;
You’d know that other times were just flips and blips;
You’d be changed,
Inside and out;
Then you’d know what it means to hurt so deeply that your heart cuts every time you breathe.
Then you’d understand what you did to me.