Deep in the clutches of my lover;
I think of my husband,
I dream of my first love.
Moaning with my heart out, pounding to the rhythm of my heart beat;
My lover carries me to the bed; Same one I share with my husband.

Guilt I do not feel,
Shame I do not know;
Pleasure and the moment’s bliss Igrasp at,
My lover stares at me vacantly;
I grip my breasts as I release and scream out his name in release.

My lover has no face;
He comes when he wants,
He takes me as he pleases,
Every time he asks for permission;
Every time I say yes,
My Lover with no face takes me;
And I’ve never once declined.

Not once scared;
Not once scarred,
Every full moon,
I look forward to my lover’s touch;
Today he’ll come,
I look my best,
I look to my mirror as the clock chimes twelve,
My lover comes, only this time he wears my face;
I look in horror to see,
I have no face.

No screams, No sounds;
Just my lover smile with my face;
Slowly I fade,
In terror I grasp for life,
Until there’s nothing left but air,
I hear my husband’s voice through the fog.
My husband and lover dance together,
My last memory was my husband telling my lover.
I told you, she was an easy one