My Fall

He was beautiful and fair
Fresh and without despair
I clung to him like air
Willing him to take my fear
Dreams or a Nightmare
Short and with a stare
He lets me fall to my distress

To the beginning, i recall
He ensnared and took my deforms
Distorted i felt in my comforts
He made me feel i could be more
Beautiful he said,
Encore!!! my body called
That smile, my first fall

Insecure, he made me
Love, He taught me
Lies, He preached it
Vanity, He beheld it
His hold, Choked me
His claws, wrapped around me

Not ready to let go
Deeper i fall and without hope
Without grace, i fall
Harder, Deeper and further
All I had to was let go
Not sink anymore into his sinister cloak
Never letting go
I fall into the abyss
A hell built from my own Ego

Usually i don’t like to give interpretations to poem because it could mean different things to different people so I don’t like to influence the purity in interpretation but I have come to understand giving a subtle idea about a poem makes it easier to understand.
We hold on to different things that at the end of the day, we lose everything we hold dear thinking we were never good enough. Human nature is greedy, contentment can be a strength and a weakness. We are all greedy for something, love, fame, beauty, money, sex, companionship. Its always one thing or the other, thinking if we get this, we would fill that empty void inside of us that can never be satisfied. We tend to forget about the stuff we have and focus on getting what we don’t have thereby, taking the best things in life for granted.
“He” in the poem could mean different things to all of us, “He” refers to a temptation of our undoing. He is that part of us that is never satisfied until we keep taking, swallowing and drinking and we lose that which makes you.Who is “He” in you?