My Sins

I claimed a soul today;
Although I vowed that I’d starve,
But I couldn’t resist;
Her sweet smile and her innocent stride;
The temptation so great,
Even Michael can’t decline;
A taste, A sip, Until I consumed it all

First time I saw her;
Her scent so strong, her curves tight and I had to have a taste;
First time I kissed her, it was like a piece of hell,
Sinful and addictive;
I wanted to savor her,
But my hunger took over;
Now all she’s left with,
is a piece of body suit.
I took the light out;
Now she’s joined the shades.

Pure and full of life,
Unrestrained love and acceptance;
ripe for the taking,
sweet for the claiming;
As I took her soul,
I see the faces of the souls I stole, hearts I loved and lost,
The same look over and over;
Bliss and Betrayal,
Hurt and sadness;
A certainty of my place in Damnation

Alone and Haunted;
Never to touch anything pure,
I solemnly swear;
A pain and a pleasure,
The feel of a predator,
ruining anything I touch;
Joel was right,
I should have died at birth, my self righteous brother;
I am a sinner,
I enjoy the sins and the spoils;
Maybe it’s time I stop trying to be different from who I am,
I come out from my inner demons to see the face of my first victim, my sister

She walks to me;
Same mischievous smile I remember,
Her eyes cold and full of hate;
She sits across my table,
“Hello Judas, it looks like you have seen a ghost”she says with a sweet smile
She smells like my kind, the soul harvesters.
“A bounty for your soul, What will it be today? Yours or mine? Which soul will be claimed?”