Nigeria of my Dreams

Nigeria of my Dreams.
Our Leaders; Our Doom

If there’s anything I’ve learned these few days, it’s this;

  1. Nigeria can work and be better- During the protests, Feminist Coalition with other people/ Celebrities/ Influencers came together to create a system that ensured faster and effective response to emergencies, provided food and shelter, even security for the protesters. This didn’t even take a week to realize, It is amazing what one can achieve when there’s corporation and unity. We made a statement as the youth of the nation, people donated to help others in crisis within hours, lost items were found and returned, the unity I felt during that period made me feel proud to be part of the generation that won’t just sit and pray and hope things will work out.
  2. Our politicians have a low, really low expectations and estimation of our rational capability.; Palliative that should have been distributed during the first wave of Covid 19 was store up in warehouse for what reason?! I can’t imagine. These are perishable goods yet these people, that we “elected” into power thought it fit that we were not worth it and would rather they spoil or expire than give it to the masses to which it was meant for. It is ridiculous that these people, these greedy people refuse to be accountable, and make up flinch excuses for their actions. It is very obvious that our lives mean nothing to them, if they care more about bags of rice than our lives then it is clear that there’s something wrong with these people in power. People died of hunger during the lockdown due to Covid19, there’s no excuse for this; this gave room and opportunity for looters to work and a lot of people were affected by this. The government created this and bear no accountability which means we have a really long way to go as a nation.
  3. A leader is more than just a figure head; We had the fight in us, to get justice for the innocent lives lost, the abuse of power and the irresponsible actions of the people who are supposed to protect us. When his supremacy President Mohammed Buhari finally give us a reaction or anything action to the various events in Nigeria, it was a ten minutes talk that answered none of our questions and threatened our rights and gave way to doubts and let’s be honest, it took the fight out of us for a second. He didn’t even bother to talk about the main issue and treated our requests like a child’s play. This is no longer a democratic country at this point, I hope that one day we would be able to hold people in power responsible for their actions, no one should be allowed that much leeway.
    And the rumors about Uncle Buhari being Uncle Jubril, if this is true then it would be the biggest plot twist in this century. At the end of the day, we are one, Nigerians in diaspora also doing their best to see that their homeland has some measure of peace. One day, hopefully in my Lifetime, I’ll get to witness a country where Justice is served and accountability matter.
    Don’t give up, speak up for what’s right, one day Nigeria will be great.