I like Love;
I am a romantic,
I like the idea of two souls connecting;
But I’ve never found love.
Where I come from;
Only royalties can afford Love.

First time I fell,
It was a rollercoaster;
I had butterflies and felt things in places I didn’t know I had,
I never knew anyone could mean so much to me,
I would have given my life for her;
Eventually, I did

She tells me she loves me,
Apparently, she loves many others,
She says;
She has a big heart and so there’s enough to go around,
What I thought was special,
Turns out I am just one of the piece in a whole game of chess.

She is queen;
Even knowing I wasn’t her one and only,
It didn’t matter to me,
As long as I was part of her folly;
Day and night,
At her beck and call;
Taking whatever affection she throws my way,
Tonight, she tells me to go away;
I’m too soft and no longer fun,
She says

Broken and alone,
In distress and without hope;
I wonder,
Is this the Love I prayed for?
Am I a victim of my imaginations,
Or a cruel play of fate.
It hurts so bad, I could feel my heart tear apart;
There’s nothing left but doubt,
As I know, I will never love again.

Today, I stand with pride,
As I look at my Victim’s eyes;
I know her heart breaks,
As I leave her for another prey;
Never again, will I be someone’s fun lay,
Till Eternity;
I’ll keep leaving traces of hearts and mates,
After all, I am just a broken Piece.
Broken to break others