Reply 1988

Follows the lives of 5 families living on the same street in a neighbourhood called Ssangmundong in Seoul. A nostalgic look back at the year 1988.
Source; Wikipedia

Okay, so granted I wasn’t alive in the year 1988 but I related so much to a lot of the scenes growing up which makes me wonder how far ahead technologically and otherwise South Korea is ahead of Nigeria.
Reply 1988 to me a realistic, fun slice of life drama about friends, growing up and the variety of life and its challenges. The different themes like class differences, coming of age struggles, love triangles (what is a kdrama without one of those), unrequited love and the requited ones (Thank God!). The attention to detail was apt(again I know I don’t really know what the 80s would look like in South Korea but now I know thanks to this drama).

There was a balance between humor, serious and emotional scenes, love, dreams, hopes and will actually leave you wanting more. I wanted more, I was so sad to see it and, each episode was amazingly done and I wasn’t bored even for a moment. There was no filler scene or a waste of time scene; the fun loving neighborhood (it made me ache for neighbors that actually cared about me and not just gossip about how short my skirt is), the value of friendship between the children, fathers and mothers was a nice touch.

It was realistic and at the same time a beautiful ride. This is ome of the dramas where the love triangle isn’t annoying and how you shouldn’t waste time holding your feelings back, sometimes you might miss the timing and end up losing someone precious. Sometimes achieving your dream or finding who you want to be might take some time but that’s okay. Everyone has something they are good at or not but you can always learn.
Reply 1988 made me fall for the cast, I mean every one of them especially Park Bo Gum; it is one drama I’ve watched more than twice, there’s not your usual backstabbings and unnecessary overly stated coincidences yet a really good drama.

It is a breath of fresh air, warm, sweet and funny watch. You can’t do wrong with this.