Simply Trust

Sometimes I like to think about my future;
Sometimes I don’t,
A little bit because let’s be honest,
It’s a little out of my control;
It’s like flying blind and riding the wind,
You can either sink or soar;

Okay, maybe more than my effort,
I need a little luck on my side;
Hardwork doesn’t mean success,
Working smart doesn’t mean my dreams will come true;
What am I to do?
If every choice gives me a result I do not expect..,
To be realistic or to dream big,
To be a fool with words that rhyme,
Or to a suit working nine to five;

Choices choices,
No one can tell my hand in fate’s game.
What is the point of worrying?
I can’t see my future any ways…
So you know what I do;
I take one step at a time,
Maybe my time is not my friend;
I have some trust in him who doesn’t work with the tide.
Why I trust him?
Well, there’s no better option to decide,

Rain or parade;
He seems to know farther than I can throw,
Old or young;
My time is not yours or mine to decide,
That’s why I do what I can;
Take the joy in the little things thatmost take for granted,

Hold his hands;
So he takes me to a place where my eyes never could see,
I choose to trust, simply because I have seen him work.