Distracted by the somber tides
Uprooted by my native ties
Molded in the fiery times
Of my foundation tiles
Walked and always tire
Worked and never satisfied
To fill up my insatiable desires

Struggling and failing
Rising and falling
Hopeless and in distress
Confused and depressed
Point of living unknown
Who am i without the lies
I grew to love and despise

Stuck and frozen
Masked and deprived
Of the freedom to decide
Where my future resides
To be me
Or to be whom i think i am
A product of the status implant
To deviate from the scripted lines
A rebel of the caste
A traitor to the cause
A singular discord
In the straight line of chaos

Who am i?
What am i?
Lost in the dark corners of my mind
Wanting to break free
Of the chains that hold me
To fly
To swim
To soar
To be me
In my rawest form
Not stunted
But unhindered and Free
To be who i want to be

Note: Life is too short to live your life for others, stop worrying about what the world thinks of you and think about what’s good for you!!! One of my favorite themes ever is about being true to who you are, You were created that way for a purpose and i assure you, it’s not to please the people around you at the expense of your life.

You don’t have to conform to society’s standards of who you are meant to be or who you should be, no one can live your life!!! Celebrate yourself!!! Search inside, What you want and what determines your happiness, don’t underate yourself!!! You are as important as the next guy, stand tall, Stand proud and stand strong!!!