Sweet Poison

Her love filled with Bombs;
Her kiss comes with a sword,
Her hug brings discord,
Her sweet lies brings pain and pleasure,
Her caress marks your soul,
Spears it and steals its core,

Her lips sing your fall,
Her tongue sucks out your worth,
Her teeth tears you into pieces;
Her smile disarms you,
Her eyes fool you;
Her hands pierce and destroys your heart,
Who is she?

She is Vengeance,
The spirit of the innocence you stole,
The children you broke,
And the Essence of purity you took;
Smile your last today,
Cos she will take every pain you give;
Until all that’s left is the carcass of who you were;

She will win,
She will thrive;
She will use your bones as a neckpiece,
And your heart as a footstool…
Fear her, she will come for you.