Tales of Roelum Episode 3

Episode 3

Prince Erin

“Not a chance father, I won’t get married to any child of Roelum, much less the princess!” I say to my father, I don’t care about the peace treaty or anything else. Brahim is dead and nothing can bring him back, he was the only one who ever looked out for me, and now his death is all for nothing, we are not only going to have a peace treaty, now we have to merge families. This will never work, there is too much blood and history between us.

My Father silences me “for once in your life, use your head and not your heart, I lost Brahim too, this is why we need peace. We have lost way too many people and I can barely remember why we started fighting in the first place. Land? What is the point if there is no one alive to enjoy it. This is the best decision at the moment, without the marriage, it is all agreement on a piece of paper”.

I know this, I don’t like it but I understand it, it doesn’t make it hurt less; Brahim was the heir to the throne and was loved by many, he was the noble, good and handsome prince, while I was the invisible one, next to him, I was nothing. “Why me Father, why not Samael, he is the next in line.”

Father sighs and looks at me condescendingly “Do I have to spell everything out before you understand? Samael is my heir, there is no way I will let a foreigner be queen over my land. That is why it has to be you, you have been at war and you understand their ways better than Samael, you will be able to control the princess and keep her in check”.

I scoff and finally understand why Father had picked me as general after Brahim’s death, he wanted to protect his precious heir from danger. “I see now father, then what happens after we get married, things go back to normal? I will do my duty as your son but that is it, I will not entertain the Roelum girl, I will not play nice and I absolutely refuse to give her a child.”

My father laughs “what you do with your wife after marriage is up to you, don’t be so certain; I have heard that the royal princesses of Roelum are absolutely beautiful, you might change your mind after you see her. I don’t care if you take out your anger on her, but in public you will keep the face of the family, have I made myself clear?”

“Yes father”. I reply as he stares intensely at me. “What?” I ask him.

“Your strong refusal to get married has nothing to do with your lover Elena, would it? You can keep her as a concubine if that is your big issue, after all your mother is one.”

“No Father, I appreciate your concern but if I were to have a child, I wouldn’t want him separated from their mother” I tell him before bowing and leaving the room, I hear his deep sigh behind me.

My guard Victor, follows closely, I know father gave him to me so that he can keep an eye on me, “loose cannon” that’s what the soldiers call me when they think I can’t hear them. I don’t care as long as they get the job done, I dismiss Victor and sneak out of the palace to Elena’s chambers.

Queen Nuke

I cannot believe I have to see a Roelum’s whore in my palace, I have worked hard to maintain a certain image in the King’s harem, I have had to see the King bring younger and beautiful women as concubines without my knowledge, and here I am serving the man who will bring a member of the household that took my dear son from me.

“Are you telling me? Or are you asking me, my King?” I say to my husband.

“I don’t have to ask you for anything, I am giving you the information, how you use it is up to you but let me be clear, from the day they are married to when they move into their home, no harm shall befall the girl, I will not have you risking the future of this kingdom over something so petty.” He warns me, he knows me and knows what I’m capable of, why he has let me get away with so much baffles me sometimes.

“What do you mean? Do you think I will harm her? What do you take me for?” He rolls his eyes at me.

His eyes narrow as he speaks to me “No need to pretend, I never interfere in the matters of this palace, you are well equipped to do that, but the Reolum girl is a boundary you cannot cross.”

“I understand you my King, what did Erin say after you told him, I can’t imagine that he was happy” he sighs, he does that a lot these days, which tells me he must be getting older.

“He took it better than I thought he would, there’s no other choice, the wedding will take place in Yarta, we agreed it has to be on the grounds on which this war started as an end to it. The Reolums will be there as well will be, there they will be joined and she follows us to our kingdom. Poor girl, she has it the worst.” He arches his brow at me expecting me to say something contradictory, but I have learnt patience.

“As you wish my king, now since you are here, it has been six months since you last visited me; why don’t we take some time to catch up.” I bow seductively.

He smirks “Today Nuke, today, you have me.”


“No, no no no!!! I am not going to wear the Rale’s wedding attire, I have the rest of my life to do that, let me marry as a lady from Roelum, I deserve that much”.