Tales of Roelum Episode 4

Episode 4


“No, no no no!!! I am not going to wear the Rale’s wedding attire, I have the rest of my life to do that, let me marry as a lady from Roelum, I deserve that much.” I say to Queen Lare as I look at the gifts Queen Nuke sent. I have heard stories about her and none of them are particularly nice.

“Look Salem, this is their tradition, you are supposed to wear this as a bride, you already agreed to get married, what does it matter the attire?”. Queen Lare rolls her eyes at me as she examines the gifts and clothes.

I know I won’t get anywhere trying to appeal to her sense of patriotism, but there is something I can use. “I can’t believe you don’t understand what she’s trying to do, she’s also undermining your authority as queen in your own right.” Her brows arc and I Know I have her interest.

“She’s practically telling me what to do even before I get married, while you are my queen, we have our bridal traditions, it’s beautiful and its simple unlike this, am I supposed to wear this on my head?” I pick up a heavy ornament that looks like it should be used as an instrument of torture.

Lare smirks “you are right, you are still a member of the royal family, as unfortunate as that may be, no one especially not a foreign whore will tell me how to run my house. We are not returning the gifts though, that’d be rude.” She says as she signals her servants to move them to her chambers, I don’t care about the gifts, she can have them, I am just happy I can wear something less restricting, it’s bad enough I have to marry the enemy.

Paula comes in starts to comb my hair “you know, for a girl who has killed more people than I have seen, you sure are gentle, is it because she’s queen? Why do you let them ride all over you, just say the word, you have men who would die for you. You know it is an open secret that you are behind the mask, you don’t have to risk your life, these people are not worth it.”

“I am not doing this for them Paula, do you want your son to live in a world where he might be conscripted for war before he can talk? To have to wonder if your husband will ever make it home? To be able to travel without somebody killing you simply because of where you come from? I do this so that our future can be better than today.” I take the comb out of her hands, and sit her down.

Paula grins mischievously “I don’t plan on getting married, I am going to stay with you for the rest of your life, let’s be honest, you don’t have much of it left anyway”

I burst out in laughter, I don’t know how I’d be able to have made it this far without her.

“You don’t have to come with me, I’d understand if you don’t, actually, I’d prefer if you don’t come with me.”

Paula frowns at me and groans “look here princess, don’t ever ever give me an option to leave you! Because the next time you do,I actually might! If I wanted to go, I would have, and you would not have done a thing to stop me, because you expect everyone to leave, well Mistress you are stuck with me, well until you really mean otherwise, don’t play games with me, I can read you”.

I hug her “I know, I just had to try.” She hugs me back tight and whispers to me “we are going to make it, we are going to thrive and the gods help anyone who would dare take you from me.”

Paula is a lot of things, a liar she is not, while I might be more adept in the craft of fighting, she has manipulation down to an art, people tend to underestimate her all the time which just gives her the opportunity to exact revenge or whatever she wants, she is reckless and I’m not but that’s why we get each other although I wish she’d learn a little patience, she’s as hot headed as one can be which is why I am worried about her going with me, I can’t have heads flying on my first day in Roelum.

Christiana’s maid announces her presence, I chuckle because there really isn’t any need, it’s just me and Paula here but the dramatic Christiana doesn’t care, I might miss her if not for the fact that I know she won’t care for me either way.

Christiana walks into the room and sits on the chair, Paula and I bow while she signals me to walk with her, which is the strange.

We walk through the garden, she clears her throat and I wonder why she’s nervous.

“I know we don’t get along, actually you don’t get along with anyone, have you ever wondered why that is?” She asks me.

“Not really, I don’t like to think about me, it takes me down a dark path.” I say to her honestly.

“I know I have not been the best sister in the world, but you haven’t been great either, When I was younger, I was jealous of you.” I freeze, in shock I look at her incredulously. She laughs at my reaction.

“It is not that surprising. You were the girl that dared to play with swords while we played with dolls and that glare of yours, even at Eight, you could make a grown man cry with those eyes of yours. You don’t know the effect you have on people and you have absolutely no idea how beautiful you are which makes me wonder what that dreadful maid of yours does. I am grateful for that.”

I am speechless, it is one thing to be complimented but it is another to be complimented by her, “what is this? Why are you doing this ?” I ask her.

“I might not have the chance to after today, your path has never been easy and I fear it won’t get better forward, I am not going to apologize but I am going to thank you, for keeping this family safe.” I smirk at her, she sighs.

“This is what I’m saying, don’t smirk, have you tried smiling, you have a good body, when all fails try seducing your husband, your eyes can be used for other purposes you know?!” She corrects my standing posture and raises my head.

“May the gods guide you, the courts and chambers of the royal family is complicated, more complicated than ours, try to get the prince on your side, it’s okay to let go of your pride, if you want things to be made easy or easier, you have to learn to play nice. Your beauty will give you more enemies than friends and do try to keep your skills under wraps, you won’t be spared if Nuke knows you killed her son, war or not, it won’t matter.” She grazes my shoulders, as she brings out a potion from her purse.

She hands it over to me, “Incase, you are discovered, take this, it will guarantee a painless death. Godspeed Salem.”
She walks away from me.

Paula comes close and whispers to me, “That bitch!”

“That’s her way of saying goodbye. Is she right though? Do my eyes scare people?” I ask Paula.

She laughs at me and replies, “It is not the eyes, it is how you use them.”

Prince Erin

“I am getting married today!”