Tales of Roelum Episode 5

Episode 5
Prince Erin

“I am getting married today!” I say to my guard Victor as the servants add finishing touches to my garment. I have always thought red wasn’t my colour but that doesn’t matter, as a son of the royal family, I have no choice. I let myself wonder what my future wife looks like, not that it matters but it wouldn’t hurt for her to be at least pretty. Victor, “what did you find out about my wife to be?”

He hesitates a bit before answering. “Well, she is neither the most liked nor the most respected in the castle; she keeps to herself most of the time and has just one acquaintance which is her maid. She is a child born out of wedlock, so she doesn’t visit the court as often. Not too many people know about her, her existence is something of a mystery.” I don’t think she goes out like other princesses with their train and servants at their beck and call.”

I ponder on the information just given and comfort myself with the thought that at least she’s not spoilt. I wonder if she would be able to handle Rale’s palace and its rules. Roelum is significantly different from Rale, and I have doubts about her being able to survive the palace. I concern myself with thoughts like this until my servants are done and I walk to where my family is gathered, the river of Otis; it is the boundary between both Kingdoms, it is said that the gods used to live here before they went back to their world. I can see why, it is breathtakingly beautiful and I would feel better about getting married here if only I loved this woman.

I go into the groom’s palanquin; he stops at where everyone is gathered. I am surprised at the number of people there, there is no cheers and fanfare, you can feel how tense everyone is, theres hope in their eyes, but their hands are trained on weapons just in case anything goes wrong, and for the first time, I really understand the meaning of this marriage. I hope things go right this time, I watch my people and the Roelums sit opposite each other, with me in the middle, and a seat meant for the Princess, I take my place as the Announcer, one from both Kingdoms announce the coming of the princess. I hear whispers even from her people, anticipation in the air as people crane their neck to see what she looks like.

I see her dressed in an a white flowing gown, her black curly hair not bound by clips or gold, theres just a single piece of Jewelry on her arm, a gold cuff curved slightly to look like a snake, her skin is like bronze, and her eyes, God! Her brown eyes, they sparkle and glint in mischief, I don’t think I have ever met someone with such expressive eyes, they feel familiar but I have never met this woman in my life, I would have remembered.

She sits beside me and clears her throat as she raises a brow, I realize that I have been staring for an improper period of time and judging from the cold glare Queen Nuke throws at my Father, so has he. There’s a moment of silence, she smirks at me.

“Well, Prince Erin, you are not so bad yourself.” She grins at me and I am left speechless again, this is the first time this has happened to me; speechless twice and it hasn’t even been five minutes. I adjust myself and close off my emotions from my face, she rolls her eyes, wait.what? Did she just roll her eyes at me? I sigh ridiculously at the sharp contrast from her dress to her attitude. I thought she’d be elegant and regal, I don’t think she is anything like that.

Queen Nuke raises her hand, she is led by her two head maidens, the most vicious women I’ve ever met, Vivian and Katerina, she speaks aloud to the princess which for some reason I still haven’t learnt her name.

“I sent you beautiful clothes and gold for the wedding, why would you decide to wear this sorry piece today? Do you want to make an enemy out of me? Or you do not respect my authority as Queen of Rale” she asks the Princess.

I whisper to myself “Shit!”