Tales of Roelum Episode 10

Episode 10


“Where are you taking me?” I ask with the most innocent face I could come up with. Victor bows and signals to the rest to leave the room.

“The Prince says you will ride alone to Rale, he doesn’t think you’d be ready to deal with Queen Nuke, he thinks its better you get enough rest and deal with the Harem when in his words; you have better judgment about what you say and what not to say.” Victor says to me. He is Erin’s most trusted guard, even though he works for the King mostly.

I sigh and smile a bit, I’ll admit this is going way better than I’d imagine. I thought I was going to spend the morning fighting, he can ignore me all he wants but he cares enough not to want my head on a platter, which is an improvement considering the fact I just told him I killed his brother.

“That was thoughtful of him, could you please get Paula for me?”, he squeezes his face as if to pretend he doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

I roll my eyes “please, don’t insult my intelligence and get my maid please, it is way too early.” He nods and leaves the room.

Paula comes in moments later, she grins at me “well, you are alive, no bruises, no hickeys either, well…. Nothing, what on earth happened last night? Don’t tell me he didn’t fall for your seduction ?? Did you do the thing with your breasts?, that always works.”

I laugh ridiculously at her, “Relax with the 200 questions, No, I didn’t get the chance to do the thing, I did something more stupid, I told him I killed his brother.”

Paula pauses, she stares at me as she comprehends the information. She sits and looks at me like I’ve lost my mind.

“What did you do?” She whispers loudly at me.

“I didn’t want to start this marriage with a lie, secrets always have a way to coming out, I’d rather be done with it. If i didn’t tell him, it’d be like living with a knife on my throat. I didn’t tell him about the part you played, that’s not for me to say.” I got close to her and pat her head, it usually relaxes her.

“Sure, that makes me feel so much better. How are you still breathing? How? Why? What? I have so many emotions going through me.” She checks my body for any sign of injury.

“I don’t think he’s anything like his brother. He is hot tempered but he has a good head on his shoulders, I will protect you Paula, I know you are worried about me but please don’t kill him, don’t!!! He is family now, whether we like it or not so get rid of that thought.” I warn her.

She frowns her face like she wasn’t thinking about doing just that, I know her; she is as simple as it gets, she will protect me at any cost. It is endearing but it is also scary the lengths she’ll go.

“You know he might never love you, it’s just a day after your wedding and he’s off riding home without you. I know its your deepest guarded secret. You want to be loved, I know I am not enough.” I hug her.

“Before you, my life was a complete misery, you are enough Paula, but one day someone is going to melt that heart of yours and I’m not going to be the one who will hold you back, you deserve to be loved too. As black as your heart is, it’s still a heart. You will want your children, you will want a family of your own,I know your secret too.”

She chuckles “Nah, I don’t want any of that, I do want that new weapon Baba made, it is so sleek and sexy, it is a cross between a knife and a sword, it is so pointy. I’d rather have that, can I have that? He sent it as a gift for you, it’s a set, it came with arrows and everything, the box is behind. I covered it with your undergarments and all, we wouldn’t want grumpy Victor and his band of boys scout to see it.”

I laugh at her “Wait, I have undergarments, you mean many?”

“You have no idea, there are so many garments and things that I have no idea where they go. Let’s just say Queen Nuke did not like that you didn’t wear her gifts, the rest of the harem saw it as a chance to out do her. What is it with Rale ladies and wearing so many clothes. Don’t even get me started on the head decorations, I can feel the pain by just staring at it. I’m going to be hopeful, let’s ride to Rale, but the moment I sense any threat to your life, King, Queen or Prince. I will not show any mercy.” She tells me in a low tune.

I grin and dress, we join the soldiers and move for Rale.

Prince Erin

I stand at the gate and watch Salem’s envoy pass through, satisfied that they got through safely. I make my way to the Pailliare to see Elena, a twinge of guilt passes through me for a second. I ignore it and make my way there.


Paula burst through the room in anger. “I am going to kill him, its barely been 24 hours since you got married, he has gone to see his lover.”

“Oh…. Hmmmm” I relax on the couch, since I came to the palace, everyone even the servants avoid me like a plague, I’m guessing it’s Nuke’s orders and this bothers Paula way more than it bothers me.

When she tells me about Erin, I feel a sharp pain in my gut that surprises me. “Am I jealous?” I ask myself.