Tales of Roelum Episode 11

Episode 11

Prince Erin

I sit and watch the dancers through the window in Elena’s room, I am the only lover Elena has known and it will continue to be this way until I decide otherwise.

She wraps her hands round my waist “Prince, Is she that bad? That you’d run to me the first chance you get? I heard from the soldiers that she is a beauty to behold and with a body most women would kill to have. I wasn’t expecting you at least for the next three months.”

I turn to look at her, Elena is fair and lean, beautiful long brown straight hair and a pouty lips which is in contrast to Salem’s full lips, curvy body and curly hair. I cuss, I came here to get away from her and somehow still end up thinking about her.

She is dangerous, I know that now, her face only makes her more dangerous, she looks like a doll with that big eyes and crooked smile, there I go again thinking about her. I hiss.

“Did I say something wrong your highness?” Elena guides me to a chair.

“No, I just don’t want to talk about her. I don’t want to talk about my wife or her people. I just want to be here with you right now and enjoy the moment.”

She smiles and calls for the musicians, she wears the seductive look she knows I like and starts to dance, It distracts me for a moment, her slim waist and her tender laugh, I have no idea when her face somehow morphs into Salem.

I see Salem dancing and daring me with those eyes of hers, her twists, turns and her hair; all Salem’s, I know now that I have a problem, I scoff and take another sip of my alcohol.

In my years of alcohol consumption, no matter how drunk I was, when I was with a woman,I only saw her, not another. I wonder if Salem was also a witch who has cast some sort of spell on me.

Elena comes closer, sits on my laps and kisses me, all I can think of what it’d feel like to kiss Salem, will her lips be softer? Or hard, will her strength match her wit, or what it’d feel like to be inside her.

I cuss again and gulp my drink at an alarming pace, I push Elena off me and lie on the bed.

“That’s enough for today, I just want to be alone.” I say to the musicians and to Elena but somehow She doesn’t get the message.

She lies beside me and pats my head, she massages my body, I feel better and relax.

“You know you can tell me anything, I am good for other things apart from sex. You are so tensed; it might do you some good to talk about it.” She purrs into my ears.

“I don’t want to talk, but I am open to other things” I say as I grab her and kiss her deeply.

*****spoilt brats, you want me to write a sex scene, not today people! You can imagine what went on in Elena’s room. Let me give you a hint. Or not****


I take a walk round the palace with Paula, the servants run and avoid us and this is amusing to Paula.

“What do you think our dear Queen said to them to make them hide from us, I want to know so I can tell others. What is her point by the way? Does she think you would be lonely? I don’t understand.” Paula barks at a servant who runs immediately. “Okay, this is so much fun”.

I laugh, “She is exerting her power, she is telling me that she is law, without her by my side, my stay here will be anything but pleasurable. Do you see any sign of the kitchen?”

“Over there, How do you feel about this?” She points at a large building, we make our way inside.

“I think she is cute, I didn’t think she’d be the petty type, but to deny me of food. That’s just a new low,not even the Roelum Queen did that and she is the queen of petty.” We go in and a slim, willowy woman stops me.

“Can I help you?” She asks.

“We were wondering what we could get for dinner, since we arrived, we haven’t eaten, no water or food so we decided to hunt for food ourselves.” Paula says to her with a sickly smile on her face.

“I am sorry your highness, but her majesty has given orders that you should not be given beef and that’s on today’s meal roaster. She thought since you are not used to the food here in Rale, you would need some easing into.” She claps her hands and some servants bring lettuce and vegetables.

“From the goodness of her heart, her majesty has ordered us to feed you with greens and vegetables, it would be perfect for cleansing your bowels so you can really enjoy our Rale’s finest. We were about to bring this to you but since you are here, your servant can take it back for you” she mockingly bows.

There’s a stillness in the kitchen, other servants look on curiously, I feel Paula tense. I know if I don’t do something, Miss tall and scary will lose her teeth.

“What is your name?” I ask as calmly as I can.

“Megrid, I am the head servant, personally picked by her majesty” she bows mockingly again.

“Do you like to play catch Megrid? You know, you run, I chase, and I catch you” she looks at me confused.

” I would have let this go and just taken the food or grass, because I understand it was an order, you are only a servant. You see, I just don’t like the look in your eyes when you stare at me or the way you bow mockingly, it annoys me and I rarely get angry. So I am going to give you a chance to kneel and apologize in all of three seconds or you see Paula here will make you eat the sand from my feet. And she is not kind.” Megrid looks at me like I wouldn’t, Paula cracks her knuckles, she sees the look in my eyes.

She kneels “I am sorry, I was rude”. Paula grumbles about how that was too easy, I signal Paula, she takes the food and we walk back to our lodge or whatever they call it here.

It is small compared to the Queen and the concubines palace but I like it simply because it is so far away from the action. I know the Queen arranged for me to stay there so that I can feel left out. She has no idea how much I like to be on my own.

Paula picks up a lettuce and frowns at it. “It has been a long day, we haven’t eaten and somehow we are expected to eat this?! What are you doing Salem?”

I throw her some clothes “We are disguising and getting out of here to get some food and not those leaves.”

“Oh, okay! We are dressing as Men?! Wait guards? We are disguising as part of the royal guards ?? What?” She screeches at me.

“It was the best I could do on such short notice, I heard the Paillaire has a good restaurant, we could go, eat and not have to pay in this uniform; we could also see the city.” I tell her as I adjust the hat on my head.

“We could also see the Elena your dear husband is fucking.” She looks at me as she sighs.

I sigh back “Yes, we could, we are just peeping, I need to see her Paula.”

Prince Erin

I make my way out of Elena’s room with Elena at my arm, the Paillaire is always beautiful and full of life at night, I take in the sight as I freeze, my eyes meet a young guard’s eyes, it takes a moment to recognize Salem, her eyes meet mine.