Tales of Roelum Episode 13

Episode 13


Prince Erin and Victor comes out from the shadows, he smirks and gives me back my knife.

“Don’t sneak up on me again, bad things happen when people do that.” I say as I collect the knife

“What are you two doing out at night when you are supposed to be in the palace.” He walks us closer to the palace.

“Well, I was hungry and so was Paula. The Kitchen is under orders not to feed us real food. I didn’t want to offend the Queen on my first day here.”

“And the Pallaire is the only place where you could get food?” He raises his brows.

“Yeah, it came highly recommended. What is with the fifty questions? Yes I sneaked out, it was either that or starve. I didn’t want to die yet so I sneaked out for my survival.” I roll my eyes at him, he grabs me. Paula growls and Victor eyes her.

“This is not a child’s play, anyone could have seen you. Do you understand the levity of what you just did? You could have gone to Queen Nuke and laid down your pride. Instead of risking your life like this.” He scolds.

“Oh yeah, you are worried about me. You do it all the time, why can’t I?? Oh I see, since you are a Prince it doesn’t matter? Its okay for you to commit Adultery where everyone can see you but I can’t go out to have a meal?” I shake his hands off me.

“That is what this is about? You are jealous?!” He frowns.

“Of course I am, you have the power to come in and out of the palace whenever you want, you can drink and look at girls all you want. It doesn’t matter if you are married or not yet I can’t even get access to good food.”

He starts to say something then I shush him.

“I don’t care who you fuck Erin, but you have to understand how this affects me. I am a stranger in a place, I am hated because of where I come from. Yet my husband disrespects me by frolicking on my first night. Would it have killed you to stay away from her for a day? My pride is all I have, since with this singular action, You have given grounds to others to disrespect me. I won’t only have to deal with Queen Nuke but the harem. So yeah, I needed a good meal because its about to get worse for me, thanks to you.” I smirk but my eyes hold anger, he takes a step back from me.

I and Paula leave them behind as we run and sneak back into the palace.

Prince Erin

I stand in shock looking at the direction where my wife fades into the shadow.

I feel bad for some reason but for the wrong reasons.

“She’s jealous of my freedom and not because I was with another woman?” I ask and Victor clears his throat looking uncomfortable.

I should not care about a woman like that, she is bound to get me into trouble. It is better this way.

“Will you do anything about Queen Nuke ?” Victor asks.

“No, I am curious to see how this will turn out.”

“She moved them into late Concubine Rain’s quarters, it is so far from the main palace, no maids have been assigned to her yet. Queen Nuke wants her desperate.” Victor opens the side gate for me.

“If she has the guts to sneak out of the palace, she can deal with the Queen, I won’t do a single thing until she asks.” I go back to my quarters.

Queen Nuke

It is the main hall, I sit and watch the concubines and royal-in-laws come in to pay their respect as they settle in for breakfast. I wait to see the Roelum bitch, just when I was about to give up and send for her, she comes in.

She is dressed so simply, she didn’t even bother to wear the proper head gear. Her hair is let loose, no make up. She wears the simplest long Rale gown, somehow she manages to still look regal and that pisses me off the more.

There is silence when she walks in, she manages to grab everyone’s attention. She comes and greets me, somehow she knows what the correct posture is and I’m impressed until she stands and looks me right in the eye.

“How has been your stay in Rale?” I ask her with a smirk, usually that makes others shiver.

“It has been an experience, Rale has its novelty. What I have heard about Your kindness are true. I can’t put into words the gratitude I feel for your warm welcome. My stomach can testify.” She says to me with a smile that surprisingly reaches her eyes.

“I do my best. If you have any problems, you can tell me or my maids, their word is mine, This is Katerina and Vivian, They have the highest authority when it comes to the maids in the palace. Megria is next to them, you need to understand the hierarchy to survive in the palace.” My servants bow.

“Quick question, what is my place, I know its the lowest in the rank but surely not lower than the servants?” She asks me still staring right into my eyes.

I am irritated and also intrigued by her boldness, I have heard she wasn’t favoured in Roelum, yet she manages to retrain a natural grace.

“Of course not, my dear except my personal servants, their words are usually mine so when you see me, it is advisable to give them the same respect you give me.” I say intentionally to see her reaction.

She smirks “That is strange, your humility is astonishing, I have a lot to learn from you. How you are able to equate yourself with servants?! It is something that would never occur to me.”

I hear something pop in my head, I think its my vein, how dare she?

“How dare you? Did you just call me a servant?”

She blinked twice “No, I didn’t… You did, you said and I quote my personal servants, their words are usually mine so when you see me, it is advisable to give them the same respect you give me.”

“You say my position is higher than the servants, at the same time you say I should treat them as you. I did not mean any disrespect; I wanted to know my place so I don’t step on toes. If I can’t order even a single maid, I’d like to be made aware of it so I can be mindful. Now I know, disappointing for me but it’s your throne, you do you.” She bows.

I widen my eyes and I am speechless, I order the girls and the guards. “Drag her outside and give her 50 lashes of cane. Not one less.”

I expect her to grovel or at least her servant to; they just followed the guards outside. It infuriates me more and I ban them from the main quarters until further notice.


My hands are held down by Katerina and Vivian, Paula stands aside, and stares, I see the whip and sigh.

“You asked for this, don’t pretend to be brave, just scream, they always do.” Vivian tells me.

“Maybe if you scream hard enough, her majesty can have mercy on you.” Katerina ties me.

Paula comes closer and squats “just say the word right now, let me kill the Queen.”