Tales of Roelum Episode 16

Episode 16

Queen Nuke

I look at this halfling judge my baby and try to blackmail me! Me!!!! I underestimated him.

“Go ahead… You think the King would care? What makes you think he doesn’t know? Even if he doesn’t… He would not let the royal name be dragged through the mud. Brahim is dead and cannot be punished, we are here and we are alive… Salem is under me, I will do whatever I deem it fit and considering what I’ve heard, she managed to take the beating quite well.” I retort.

“You might be right, I might have seen what I wanted to see from Brahim and didn’t see how far gone he was. This is my wife!!!! Don’t hurt her, she’s mine and not yours to do as you please!!!” He growls.

I am surprised by this, based on what I have heard, there’s love lost between Erin and Salem. Why is he trying to protect her if he doesn’t have feelings for her.

“Hurt her? I might have inflicted Physical injuries on her but you have done much worse. You were the one who shared a bed with another woman a day after getting married. She might not have loved you but no woman would be happy to have their husband sleep with another woman especially when they just got married. I hurt Salem but I suspect you know you hurt her more. Is this guilt? Is this why you are here? Because you think you have some sense of responsibility?! Don’t delude yourself. You only care about one person and that is you.” I see him cringe.

He stands “Whatever reason you think, I don’t care, I might decide to stop minding my business if Salem gets any more lashes from you. Just leave her be and I’ll be out of your hair.”

“I really don’t want to, Salem needs to learn her place and apparently so do you. Just because you think you have some illusion of power, you think you can do anything to me. Don’t be fooled Erin; I will let you go today simply because I am in a good mood. The next time you come in here to spew nonsense, your precious wife won’t be the only one with scars. Get out of here and remember the son of who you are, if you try to piss me off again; Salem will have more than just a whip on her body.” I say calmly and I look him in the eye so he knows just how serious I am.

“Just because I let you get away with everything doesn’t mean I am powerless. You have more secrets in your wardrobe, and you have more to lose. Haven’t you heard? I am the crazy prince.” He says and walks out.

I throw the table to the floor in anger. Katerina and Vivian rush inside.

“Send someone to Roelum, find out everything you can about Salem. She is no ordinary bitch.”

They bow and take their leave. I haven’t cussed so much in years, I remember who I am and adjust myself. I don’t know why Salem bugs me so much, I just want her to…. To what? I ask myself.

I have a need to subdue her, I can’t stand the way she looks or how tall she walks, she is from the place that took my son, he was my son! No matter how broken he was. I didn’t know how bad it had gotten until it was too late. His memories are all that’s left, I won’t let anyone, anyone at all taint that. Not even a Prince and a royal bitch from Roelum.