Tales of Roelum Episode 17

Episode 17


“The Prince did whaaaaaat?” I ask Paula.

“Apparently the Prince confronted the Queen about the whips and it ended in them clashing. It is all the servants have been talking about today. They said the Prince threatened the Queen and she got so angry that she threw him out of her chambers.” Paula grins.

“I don’t understand, wh..y would he do that? What is this? I don’t understand, why would he risk his neck like that? For me? He barely looks at me then he goes and do that?” I adjust the hat on my head.

“I give up trying to understand him, he burns hot and cold at the same time. Why are you dressed as a guard again?” Paula looks at me inquisitively.

“I was going to sneak into the Pallaire today again, I miss their food. I have a change of plan, I am going to the Prince chambers, get dressed; you will be my look out.” I wear the boots.

“Can’t we just go there normally like everyone else, why do we have to disguise yourself to see your husband?” Paula complains.

“I don’t want to give him a chance to deny me, I like playing guard, I get to wear trousers and not bother with royal rites and rituals. Now get dressed. I want to know.” I throw her clothes at her.

We blend with the guards and keep our gaze low, Paula leads me to Prince Erin’s chambers, I am awed by how simple it seems, I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. It is simple yet Elegant, dark colours and it doesn’t look like he has visitors often.

I go into his bedroom and I am face to face with the end of his sword while he is gloriously naked and wet.

“Who are you? Raise your head up!” He orders.

I clear my throat “Are you sure about that, don’t you want to put on something first at least. I’m not complaining though, I like the view.”

He stutters, “For the love of the gods Salem!!!!!” He scrambles around for a towel or something, I sit on a stool while I watch him try to cover himself.

I chuckle and think of how cute he is embarrassed.

“Have some decency and close your eyes or at least turn back.” He groans.

“Nahhh, this is way more fun! I don’t know what you are embarrassed about. Your skin is silky smooth and your hair is woooow… Your size though,” I tilt my head to the side.

“Your size will make other men insecure!!! I have to give credit to Elena, it is no wonder she sticks to you. I wouldn’t let that go either.” I tease him further.

He pauses and stares at me “How do you know what other sizes are?”

“I have spent more time in the barracks than I have in the palace, what do you think?” I wink.

He finds a towel and wraps it round his waist.

I groan in disappointment but still a little bit happy that at least he is shirtless. I feel the butterflies again as I take him in.

He smirks “see anything you like?”

“Yeah, I like everything I am looking at right now.” I go closer to him.

I trace the water round his chest, my breathing gets heavier.

“What are you doing?” He whispers.

“Shhhhhhhh, your skin is so smooth, tan and tight. No one should look this good without clothes.” I whisper.

My hands go lower to his stomach, he lets me. I move to his back and touch him softly. I come back to his front, I run my hand through his hair, then his nose, his lips.”

“You are achingly beautiful Erin” I whisper closer and stand on my toes to get my lips closer to his.

I move to kiss him but my hat hits his forehead.


I chuckle at the abrupt break in the moment.

“I am sorry” I take a step back.

“It’s… It’s alright.” He removes the hat.

“Continue” he draws me closer and puts his hands on my hips.

“Are you sure? Do you want me to do this? You can’t hate me or sleep with Elena anymore. Is this what you want?” I run my hand through his hair again.

“I don’t hate you right now, I definitely am not thinking about Elena, at least I wasn’t until you brought her up. Are you always so rational?” He asks.

“Well I wasn’t so rational few minutes ago, let’s just say the hat brought clarity of mind.” I make him let go of me.

“If I am going to really be with you, I want everything Erin, I want your heart, I want your body and I want your soul, if I can’t have it all, I’d rather not have anything at all.” I say as sincerely as I can.

“Well, aren’t you greedy?” He smirks.

“You are the first, I have never wanted to have someone so bad! That’s why we have to stop here, I don’t trust myself when I’m with you.” I pick up my hat and use it as some sort of shield.

“Why are you here Salem?” He wears a shirt and I pout in disappointment.

“You confronted the Queen on my behalf??? Why?”

“You are my wife, it is my duty.” He avoids my eyes.

“That’s bull and you know it. Do you really expect me to believe that? Why Erin?” I ask.

“Why does it matter?” He moves me to the common room and makes me sit.

“It matters to me.”

“I hated it, I hate that you have so many scars, I hate that she whipped you, I hate that you have no sense of self preservation, I hate that I care about you, I hate that you are always in my head, I hate that I remember my brother when I look at you. I hate that I am beginning to forget him the more I think about you and I hate the fact that I want you so badly and also feel guilty for wanting you. It feels like I am betraying my brother. He was a terrible human being but he was my brother, he was good to me. What I hate the most is the fact that I can’t do anything.” He rants.

I stare at him for a couple of minutes.

“What? You wanted to know! Well, now you do!!!”

He tries to walk away, I hold him back and hug him tight.

“It’s okay, it’s alright Erin… I’m not in a hurry, take all the time you need, do what you need to do. I understand. Don’t be so stressed out.” I pay his head as he relaxes against me.

“All I can do is ensure that you are safe at least, be safe for me please.” He hugs me back.

“Leave the Queen to me.” He tenses.

“Trust me Erin, I will handle her, I fought in a war, I am certain I can handle a 5 foot woman who is delirious with power.” I grin.

He chuckles and I feel it down to my toes. I sharply let him go, he looks startled.

“I started having funny feelings again, unless you want me to ravage you, I am going to go now.” I grin and leave before he says another word.

Queen Nuke.

“Two visits in two days from a husband and wife, I must be blessed. What do you want Salem?”