Tales of Roelum Episode 18

Episode 18

Queen Nuke

I am intrigued by the look in her eyes, after the whipping, I thought I’d see some kind of remorse or bitterness, at least even a reproach stare but I got nothing.

Here she is with a smile that reaches her eyes as she bows.

“Can I sit? At least” she asks, I give her the go ahead. Her maid goes outside even without Salem having to tell her, for some reason she makes me uncomfortable but I ignore it, she’s a servant, she’s not worth my time.

“What do you want?” She asks me.

“Excuse me? What do I want?” I repeat after her.

“Yes, you want something from me; that’s the only thing that can explain all the hostility to me. Or are you just mean to me simply because I am from Roelum?” She picks up the tea Vivian serves and takes a sip, she frowns at the taste and I feel a sense of satisfaction.

“It is from Matcha leaf, very good for the body” I say as I sip mine.

“It is bitter and it tastes like poison.” She remarks.

“Like you would know what poison tastes like.” She raises her brows and smirks.

“You are right, what do I know? I am nobody yet I am good enough that you would pay mind to me. I am used to being ignored, being a maid’s child and all.” She takes a deep sigh.

“At least that is one thing you have in common with Erin, is that what you two bond about?” I smirk.

“That and other things.”she winks.

No one has dared to wink at me in years, I don’t get offended by this for some reason.

“So you didn’t grow up in the palace, is this why you don’t know the rules and the hierarchy of how the palace works.” I relax, this would explain her behaviour.

“The Queen didn’t like to look at me, I look like my mother you see. I spent more time away from the palace than in it if that’s what you mean. How did you Know?” She stares at me so openly except this time her eyes are curious.

She doesn’t really know how to hide her feelings I discover, everything she feels is open, I might have been wrong about her. She has this innocence about her, it also makes her behave inappropriately but at least I don’t have to worry about her stabbing me in the back.

“There’s little that goes on in the palace that I don’t know about.” I try to read her as she comes to the realisation that I probably know everything she has done since she came.

“Oh….. So you know about me sneaking off to the Pallaire?” She tucks her hair in shyly.

I school my features not to show how surprised I am.

“I have always wondered why exactly did you do that?” I take another sip in.

“Well I was really hungry, I heard some of the guards talk about the food there, they were right about it. I also was curious about the woman that has Prince Erin’s heart.” She sips and frowns again, she shifts the cup of tea away from her as if offended.

I grin “And? Did you see her?”

“Yes, I understand why he is quite taken with her.” Her head dips as if resigned.

“Don’t give up, who knows you might have a chance to win his heart, he came here to fight for you; you must mean something to him.” I raise my brows.

“I was surprised about that, then I thought about it, any insult to me must mean some sort of insult to him because he has done nothing but treat me with a cold shoulder, I don’t have grand dreams about winning his heart, I just want to Live in peace. Which is why I’m here.”

“Really? Why?” I am intrigued.

“In Roelum, I had an unspoken agreement with the Queen, she didn’t have to see me except when it’s necessary and she left me alone to my devices. I was thinking about a compromise, I know I don’t have a lot to offer, but my absence tends to satisfy people.” She averts her eyes for a minute as if nervous.

“So you are saying, you will avoid me when you can and all I have to do is leave you alone? Is that it?” I ask and she nods.

” I see. You don’t have to go that far, you know your place I see. As long as you bow your head when we meet, I won’t go out of my way to hurt you.” I watch her relax.

“Do you need servants?” I test her.

“No, thank you; Paula is enough for me.” She stands and bows.

“Since you don’t know about the palace rules, I will have Katerina train you and your servant can have access to the kitchen, she can cook your meals for you. If that’s all, you can go.”

Salem bows and leaves and I close my eyes in satisfaction.


I get to my chambers and groan out loud.

“That has to be the hardest thing I have done in my entire life.” I say to Paula who glares at me.

“What was the point?” She asks as she draws her sword.

“I need her to drop her defenses around me, for that to happen she can’t see me as a threat.” I explain.

“I don’t understand, you think by doing this, she will forget your past grievances.” She stabs the air.

I sigh “Queen Nuke biggest flaw is her pride, what she has always wanted from me was to submit, now she thinks I’m some princess who grew up like a commoner and that’s why I was that way. She can’t stand to think that someone else think they are better than her. If she thinks of me like some delinquent, she will be able to rest easy, that way I can also rest easy and the Prince doesn’t have to worry about backlash from her.”

“Why did you tell her about us sneaking out then? ” She groans.

“For her to think that I think she’s all knowing… It’s like the last draw in. Hook, line and I have her where I want her.” Paula looks at me like I have lost my mind.

“Forget it, you are too simple minded to understand. She says you can cook for me but I’d rather eat dirt. You have to learn how to cook from whoever is the chef in Pallaire.”

“I have to cook? No… No way!!” She shudders.

“That’s exactly what I thought. We will find a way.”

“Wait, if Queen Nuke knows almost everything that happens here, there is a chance she knows what sort of person Brahim was.” I say to Paula.

“If she knew, that means she’s a more dangerous person than we think.” She sits.

“Oh.. we start training tomorrow.” I say as I lie and look at the other side.

“What do you mean by training? Training for what?”

I pretend not to hear her.

“What did you do Salem?” She pulls her hair.