Tales of Roelum Episode 20

Episode 20

Prince Erin

“For the love of the gods, use your mouth or anything. Why do you respond to everything with violence!” I help Victor up as I scold Paula. Not that I expect a response or anything but I am surprised she replied.

“Then don’t sneak up on us, you might not be lucky enough to miss the next one.” She picks up her sword and goes inside, Victor tries to go after her, I stop him and stare at Salem who wiggles her brows at me.

“Prince Erin and his really quiet guard Victor, what can I do for you today?” She grins and picks up the chair.

“For one you can control your maid and stop her from hurting us.” I join her in the courtyard.

“I don’t want to, I know what it is to be under one’s control, I don’t want to do it to her, she’s not there yet. I apologize on her behalf but please do make some noise the next time you come visit, there’ll be a next time, right?” She winks.

I feel my heart skip again and I get distracted by the way her hair glitters in the sunlight.

“What did you tell the Queen, she seemed more like herself today?”

She shrugs “I just decided to lay low, it’s all about a power struggle with her. I don’t understand why though, wasn’t she raised as a princess? ”

I click my tongue. “Not her, she was a general’s daughter , she didn’t spend much time in the city, her father was framed for treason, he was killed but she later found out the manipulations and plot, exposed it to the King’s court. In apologies for the King’s rash decision in killing her father, she was betrothed to the Prince who became King. So she knows the value of Power. I heard her father was a simple man, which was why it was easy for him to fall victim to plots and schemes. I doubt the Queen would have that kind of flaw.”

“Hmmmmm… So she got greedy for power to protect herself and along the way got a bit too addicted and she is paranoid and egoistical, she is a bundle of joy I tell you.” Salem grins and I gasp unexpectedly, she looks at me wryly.

I clear my throat, “what’s Paula story?? She seems to be only preoccupied with protecting you. It’s like other things don’t matter.”

Salem sighs “It is not my story to tell but you have to know she means well. It’s just Violence is a way she expresses herself. She grew up with the Rabians, so she is simple minded and can’t fully process complex and overly complicated thoughts.”

“The savages? That Rabians?? ” I open my eyes wide.

“The Rabians are not savages, so they prefer to live in the forest with animals and prefer a more natural habitat, it doesn’t make them savages. Actually they might be on to something, with the way humans are, I really would rather spend my time with animals.” She scolds me gently and it makes me smile.

“How were you able to tame her, I have heard stories about how wild they can be.” I take a chance to look at her legs as she swings them on the chair.

“She is not an animal, I was Twelve when I saw this really young girl, her hair wild and her grip strong, she was fighting with the slave hunters, she had been taken out of her home. Usually Rabians don’t hunt close to civilization, I guess she was curious. She was caught and was sold to the palace.” I smirk in disbelief.

She rolls her eyes; ” The other side to the palace, not where the King and Queen dine with their children. My version of palace with the guards, the servants and the entertainers, she bit the slave hunter and ran, I was bored and I ran after her, I caught and held her while she struggled, she punched me, and I punched her back, we got into a heated fight and we were pulled apart by Jay; the general at that time. The head servant was going to kick her out but I begged her to let me keep her. Paula has a strong sense of pride, she doesn’t see herself as my property and neither do I but sometimes I think she claimed me instead of the other way round.”

“So you know nothing about who she was before you met her?” I tuck her hair in and she smirks.

“Oh, I know.. I just don’t think it’s in my place to say. It’s her story and she’s not really a fan of yours truly.” She grins.

“Well, I couldn’t tell” we chuckle and fall into silence.

“Why are you here really?” She whispers to me.

“I missed you, even though I didn’t want to, I kept thinking of you.” I pick a lock of her hair and twist it on a finger.

“I want to touch your curls, I wondered if it would be soft and silky, I thought about your lips, it is really a sin for you to have them, full, soft and pink, makes me wants to know how you’d taste.” I lean closer to her and I sense Victor leave my side.

I touch her lips, her nose and feel her breath quicken, I take the edge of her ear between my lips and suck lightly, she takes in a deep breath.

“I want to know the noises you’d make if I am inside you. Are you a screamer? I wondered.” I whisper to her ears and hold her waist.

“That’s why I’m here, to see if you taste as good as you look.” I raise her face to mine and my lips close to hers.

I grin when I see the look in her eyes. I take a step back and she looks at me in surprise.

“What? You started it first, I just paid you back in kind.” I laugh as she looks at me speechless.

I start to leave when she pulls me back and pushes me against the wall, not too hard but hard enough to make me flustered.

She bends my head and lifts her lips to mine. She takes them, that’s the only way I can describe it, she kisses me.

At first, I am surprised by the feelings and butterflies, she kisses me soft at first, then hard as she pushes against me.

I hold her closer and try to regain control, she doesn’t let me. She, puts her hand in my hair to pull me closer, our lips separate for a moment, I kiss her and she lets me.

She pulls back a little and looks at me, I can imagine what we look like.

“Don’t play dangerous games with me Erin, you will lose.” She whispers.