Tales of Roelum Episode 22

Episode 22


I catch his hand and squeeze, his eyes open in surprise as he bends on one knee.

“I don’t care about you or your love story, and I also do not want to be injured for something I do not even understand or want to understand.” I push him away.

He blinks in surprise at my unexpected strength, he unsheathes his weapon and I roll my eyes.

“Don’t do this, it is such a beautiful evening.” I groan as Paula throws me the knife we used to eat. I look at it incredulously and she shrugs.

I see Erin relax and smirk, I shake my head at them and dodge as the brute charges at me.

I don’t want to hurt him but I know that if I don’t, he won’t let the matter be. He strikes, I roll and stab his feet giving him an uppercut.

He loses his weapon and holds his foot, his nose is bleeding and I sigh deeply.

I try to walk away when a gentleman, at least he’s dressed like one, cuts in.

“Sir, it would be merciless for you to just walk out of a Twark without killing the challenger.” He says and there is a stiff silence.

I grin at him “Thing is, I never accepted the challenge.” I can feel the air relax, the lady who caused all this runs to the Brute and helps him up.

“Thank you for not accepting, I was angry and acted out without thinking about the consequences. Karan here has no ill intention, he just tends to act before thinking. My name is Pevacs, I owe you a favour.” She bows and leaves with Karan.

“Well that went well” I mutter and go back to my seat to see Elena looking at me with what I’d call a crazed eyes.

“Wh..what? Why are you looking at me like that?” I ask.

She claps her hands excitedly. “You are amazing, if not for the Prince; I’d claim you as mine.”

She fans herself dramatically.

“This night just keeps getting weirder and weirder.” Paula murmurs.

I smile mischievously; “What do you mean the Prince? Am I not more handsome and skilled than he is?”

Erin frowns as Victor tries to cover his chuckle.

“Shhhhhh, you are very funny.” She laughs heartily and coyly at the same time.

“Why did you call us here?” I finish the wine in my cup and pour another.

“What is in your stomach? A tank? How are you not getting drunk?” Erin asks amused.

“It’ll take more than this to make me lose my marbles.” I wink at him.

“I am up next, I am dedicating this dance to you, for your skill and your bravery.” Elena says to me as she bows and leaves us.

“I think you just became my competition Mr Salem.” Erin chuckles.

“Well, you could do worse.” I retort.

Elena comes to the stage with a group of dancers and it is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen, the way her waist moves, I didn’t think it was possible.

It was sensual yet elegant enough not to be vulgar, her expressions, teases and her body movement.

I look to see Paula who is also entranced by her, if I was a man, I would be into her too and if she weren’t my husband’s lover, we might be friends as I feel the bitter taste of jealousy and try to control my emotions.

I feel Erin looking at me, he holds my hands under the table, I try to pull it away, he doesn’t let go and I glare at him.

He whispers the words “I am sorry” with a sincere eyes or maybe it is in my head.

Elena finishes and there is a loud applause, she comes straight to us and her eyes focused on me.

“How was it? Did you enjoy it?” She whispers.

“Were you trying to seduce me? Or were you flirting with me?” I whisper back.

“Would that be so wrong?” She asks innocently and out loud.

“I and the Prince have an understanding that the moment I fancy someone else, my services to him can come to an end.” She smiles at the Prince.

Paula starts to cough and I look at Erin surprisingly, he raises his cup to me.

I grin nervously, “Oh dear Elena, you can’t do that.”

“What? Break up with the Prince or like you?” She squints her eyes.

“Don’t you believe me? I wouldn’t lie about such things, Prince Erin; am I right?” She looks at Erin.

“I don’t know how to feel about the fact that I am that replaceable but that is why I came tonight, I came to break off our arrangement. It is perfect that you have the same thing in mind. Coincidentally for the same reason apparently.”

Victor bursts out laughing and tries to turn it into a coughing round, Paula smirks.

“This has to be the most interesting night of my life.” She shakes her head.

“Am I missing something?” Elena asks innocently.

“Sir, I know I don’t have the background suitable for you, just give me a chance.” She holds my hands.

I take her hands in mine. “That’s not it Elena, I am a woman and not just a woman, I’m the Prince’s wife.”