Tales of Roelum Episode 25

Episode 25

Prince Erin

“Elena??? She doesn’t even have a poker face, she’s so ignorant, she won’t be able to do it.” I say to her and Salem rolls her eyes.

“How did you manage to last this long?? Do you take everyone at face value?” She looks at me as if I’m a child.

“It’s easier that way, I can’t just walk around thinking that everyone has something to hide, that’s just stressful.” I grin at her.

She sighs “I get it now, why people don’t think you are a threat, at first I thought you did it on purpose but you really are just as straight one can get.”

“It’s better for me that way, what about you? Do you go around thinking that everyone has some ulterior motive?” I ask.

“I don’t think everyone has some ulterior motive, I know for a fact that everyone keeps something under wraps and while some are open like Elena, do you think one can grow up in a place like that ignorant, gullible and easy to manipulate?” She scoffs.

“Don’t get me wrong, Elena is a sweetheart but she also has a survival streak, she used you to keep herself safe for years, okay you two used each other, at first I thought you two were in love or something considering how fast you went to her immediately we came to Rale.” She smirks.

“I’m never going to live that one down, would I??” I cringe.

“No, without you, she might have had to sleep with other men to survive but now she’s old enough, no one else can touch her because she’s the Prince’s woman, at least you are good for something.” She laughs.

I grab her waist and hold her face to mine. “What about me? What do you see when you look at me?”

“A man who needs a place to call home . It is probably part of why I’m drawn to you, you were probably ignored growing up and Brian was the more favoured one. You don’t push yourself because you don’t want attention, attention means more eyes, which means more pressure. Brian’s death must have made you gain more attention than you are used to, not to talk of getting married to me. Do you need me to go on?” She pats my head.

“You got all that by just watching me?” I raise my brows in disbelief.

“I pay attention to you, remember I’m also an outcast in Roelum too.” She grins.

“Okay, I invited you over tonight so you can see me break up with Elena, I didn’t expect it to take this turn.” I hold her hand.

“Neither did I, so you believe me? About your brother?” She cocks her head sideways.

“I might not be as perceptive as you are, but you haven’t lied to me so far, so yeah I trust you. I believe you Salem of Roelum.” I grin back at her.

She brings her lips close to my ears. “I’m no longer Salem of Roelum now, I’m Salem that’s yours.”

My heart flips and I hold her face to kiss her…

“Okay love birds, it’s almost daybreak, we need to be back at our residence before we get caught.