Tales of Roelum Episode 28

Episode 28

Prince Erin

“How dare you take a drink when not even the King has taken a sip. Your arrogance knows no bounds.” Queen Nuke scolds her.

There’s whisperings and chuckles with most people looking at Salem like she’s inferior. I hear Mora the king’s latest concubine refer to Salem as a savage.

I scowl at the Queen and try to defend her. Salem holds me back and bows her head softly to show she’s sorry and I hear Paula growl.

“I am very sorry, I still need to learn Rale’s custom and rules. In Roelum food is seen as a gift from God and therefore no one has a hierarchy to it. I understand now that I have to wait to eat or drink the wine. Will I have to wait until everyone has had a sip before I drink or eat or it’s just the King? I need to know so that I can avoid any kind of accident.” Salem replies with the most innocent look on her face.

She just called the Queen petty in so many ways. I look to see Queen Nuke confused on how to take this reaction.

“I understand that you are new, you need to catch up to our culture and norms so you don’t embarrass us internationally. You are the princess and your attitude reflects on us. I don’t care how it was done in Roelum; you are in Rale and you will do exactly as we do. Have I made myself clear?” The Queen relaxes.

“Explicitly.” Salem grins softly. She looks at me and winks.

“My dear Prince, loosen your expressions; this is not the time.” She whispers to me.

I sigh deeply; I look at her and realize something that Salem probably realized the moment she stepped into this place.

“I can’t protect you, I don’t have the power or the connection but you know this already. Which would explain you submitting to the Queen. I hate it Salem.” I whisper back to her.

“You have done it all your life, why does it irk you now?” She raises her brows.

“I don’t really care what happens to me. I care about you and each day I care about you more and more. You don’t deserve to be treated like this. How can you take this especially when you used to be the general whose name would strike fear in the heart of others?” I take her hand in mine.

She grins brightly at me and I feel my stomach jump. “I was also in a kind of prison there. I had no one but Paula; I had my men but they were bound by duty not to tell anyone who I was. They were loyal to the general and not me Salem. I have never really had something that’s mine, until you. Paula is great but one day she’s going to want something better. She doesn’t admit it but sometimes I catch glimpses of the same look I see in mine; Loneliness. Which makes us kindred spirits. Erin, thank you for choosing me.”

My heart aches and I give her a peck on her head which gives rise to mutterings and I’m aware of the fact that we are public spectators. I glance at Salem and she smirks.

“I like that I make you forget yourself” Salem whispers.

Everyone rises as King Mona, my father, comes into the hall with his court behind him. We bow as my father makes his way to his seat.

Immediately he sits everyone sits too and his court sits behind him. Prince Samael comes out with his wife and sits beside the King and takes his place. I have never been seen with my father in public except during the treaty and that’s because Brahim died.

“Everyone relax, we are here to celebrate my heir and the crown Prince to the Kingdom of Rale, Samael. It is with great honour today that I take this cup of wine and wish you great exploits. I am proud of the man you are today. Cheers.” The King raise his glass and everyone follows suit.

“Finally” I hear Salem mutter and I grin and think about how cute she is.

The banquet starts in earnest. The women around pick their food like how they were trained, I look by my side to see Salem take a full spoon of soup and swallow, she gives a thumb up to Paula who rolls her eyes.

They make a funny duo with Salem teasing her about the food and Paula having enough of Salem walks out.

Salem grins at me “Finally, we are alone.”

I chuckle “No, we are not; we are in a place with a lot of people Salem”.

She hits me playfully “You know what I mean! Paula would have never left my side especially since she still thinks I’m in the enemy’s camp. Her biggest weakness is food. I bet you that she went to the kitchen to get food for herself.”

“You know her quite well…” I was talking when Paula comes inside with someone whose face looks like he had been punched. The guards lift their weapons and point at Paula and I feel Salem tense.