Tales of Roelum Episode 30

Episode 30


Paula stands by my side and doesn’t move. Victor comes and raises his sword by Erin’s side.

King Mona raises his glass at me and smirks, I bow in response.

“I see. Wait, who are they trying to attack?” Erin asks me confused.

“Why would anyone try to kill me? I am basically nobody!” Erin growls.

“Well you are the other son of Mona and Samael does not look like the type to take that for granted.” I say to him.

“Samael might be a pompous ass but he is not a cold killer.”  He uses his sword to hit the stone coming my way. More soldiers come to fight off the assassins as Erin finally relaxes.

“Well…. I think we have established that you are not really a great judge of character.” I smirk.

He rolls his eyes. “I have shown that I have no ambition, I do my best not to stand out, I don’t even have any connection; there’s no reason why anyone would want me dead.” Erin tells me with a matter of fact face.

I look at him “First, people don’t always kill because there’s a good reason. Sometimes they do it to prevent future incidences like you in the far future making a play for the throne. Your father and brother were not bothered by the assassins. I’ve seen them fight and this is not the first banquet that has turned bloody. They’re not even tense which means they either expected this or they planned this. The reason is why… I don’t think they want you dead. At least not yet.”

Paula whispers. “It could be a plan to test you. They have been watching us all evening. At first I thought they were just curious about you and the Prince’s relationship since you two can’t manage to keep your hands off each other but maybe they know.”

I glance at Paula and I look at King Mona and it makes sense to me.

Erin holds my hands with a strength I didn’t think he had.

“If it’s true that my father knows who you are then we need to leave now!” He tries to pull me.

“Okay you really have to stop trying to forcefully drag me. Running isn’t the solution; It might just be a suspicion for now and even if they know…. So what?!” I sigh deeply.

“You really need to learn how to control the expressions on your face.” I kiss his palm.

“I’m not you, Salem. I’m not calculative. I’m not powerful and it kills me that I can’t protect you. I will do anything to protect you, even if it’s from yourself.” He holds my hands tightly and they are becoming numb but I let him.

“I am happy that you are nothing like me, you need to know this, there are sides of me that I wish you would never see especially the side that shows why I’m called a demon. Please don’t run from me, no matter what I do.” I beg him and I feel Paula roll her eyes.

“Salem of Roelum, nothing you could ever do can make me run from you. For the first time in my life I have something worth dying for.” I smile sadly because I know that words are easy but actions are hard.

Samael walks close to us but is interrupted by his wife who shows up all of a sudden.

She bows and greets me and Erin. “I’m sorry I have not come to see you. It must have been lonely here. I’m Ayo. I was born a commoner but I fell in love with this man right here and here I am a crown Princess. It is a ridiculous story.” She chuckles and I smile with her.

“It’s okay, I understand how it is. Are you okay? Tonight events can scar just about anyone.” I ask her.

She waves her hands “This is nothing compared to what I’ve seen in my lifetime. I should be asking you that but you seem pretty okay too. I was right Samael, we would get along.” She smiles at me and Paula shifts backwards.

“Pardon my rudeness earlier tonight. I really was just simply curious and now that my wife has taken a liking to you we might meet more often than usual.” He takes my hands in his and frowns.

“For a princess, your hands are almost like Ayo’s when I first met her. Interesting.” He grins as Erin takes my hands from his.

I did not bother to reply. Erin bows and tries to leave.

“Not so soon brother, I have not seen you in a long time. Come with me; Let’s chat especially now that you look infatuated with the Roelum girl. I didn’t think it was going to be possible considering how strongly you opposed this marriage.” Ayo holds him and gestures to him to behave.

Erin growls and I hold him back. “The Roelum girl’s name is Salem and infatuation is not the word I’d use. Prince Samael, as you can see, tonight was a long night and we would like to retire.”

I bow at the both of them and we start to leave.

“Stop! I haven’t given you the permission to leave here. I don’t know how it’s done in Roelum but here, my word is as good as the King’s. I expect you to respect me Salem. Erin, while I might have understood your wife’s negligence to learning Rale’s laws, you were born and brought up here. Even without a mother, you should have at least learnt some manners that you can pass along. Well.. I guess you have learnt well enough. You know your place, ensure that your wife knows that too.” He turns his back on us and starts moving.

“Prince Samael!!!” He looks at me and before he can blink, I punch him straight in the face.