Tales of Roelum Episode 31

Episode 31


Prince Erin


Everyone is shocked by what just happened. I know Salem is unpredictable but this is way beyond my understanding. I always thought she was level headed, apparently not.


Samael stares in shock at Salem as she feigns surprise.


“I’m sorry, my hand slipped.” Salem smirks, Samael’s nose starts bleeding, Ayo glares at Salem.


King Mona stares in amusement. He signals the soldiers to arrest Salem and I stand in front of her.


“I thought you always thought things through, what on earth could be the end game for hitting my brother.?” I whisper to Salem.


“Well… I lost my temper when I saw the look on your face. You must have wanted to hit him several times growing up. Com’ on, deep down you are satisfied.” She whispers back.


“How dare you lay a finger on me?” Samael asks so calmly you can hear a pin drop.


“I told you, my hand slipped. There was a fly somewhere there, I was going to get rid of it but well… Now you are bleeding.” Salem says with a innocent face.


Ayo rolls her eyes “What kind of ridiculous excuse is that?! How could you do that to the man who would be king one day. Are you mad?”


Salem comes closer to her. “Oh, I see another fly on your face, want me to get rid of that for you?”


Ayo moves backwards as Samael moves forward to hit Salem and I block his way so he hits me instead. Salem growls and moves to fight but is held back by Paula.


I decide at that moment to stop holding back.


“You know what brother? I think I see what Salem saw. I mean the fly on your face.” I tell him and he frowns.


I punch him and it feels really good. I hear my father sigh. The soldiers arrest us on the spot. They lead us to the royal prison with Samael screaming profanities behind us.


The four of us are put in the same cell, there are other cells around filled with criminals.


“Why did I have to be dragged in here? You were the one who punched the Prince.” Paula whines as she lies down comfortably on the floor.


Salem joins her, they look relaxed and somehow that settles me. Maybe Ayo is right, we really have gone mad.


“Nice hit Prince Erin!!! Didn’t know you had it in you.” Salem grins at me.


I scoff, “Well… It did feel good.”


“Victor, would you stop moving around and sit? You are making me dizzy.” Paula scolds.


“Don’t call my name. You don’t know me, I am not like you. I have been a good guard all my life, I do exactly as I’m told, where did I go wrong?!! I’m supposed to bring honour to my family and not shame.” Victor laments.


Paula grins mischievously; “Ahhh I see, the good boy. Your first time in a prison?? So who is it whose approval you yearn for ? Father? Mother? Oh wait, Lover? Or Lover’s father?”


I see Salem grin as if this is the most interesting thing ever. I join her on the floor and watch them bicker.


“It must be fun being you- no rules, no principles, doing what you want without thinking of the consequences. At least I have a standard. You don’t even understand the word.” Victor retorts.


Paula laughs and I think this is the first time I’ve heard her laugh. Salem stiffens beside me.


She whispers and I realize it has become an habit for us.

“This is getting interesting. Paula only laughs when she’s found someone to play with and not in the good way.”


Victor looks pleasantly surprised by the laughter.


Paula grins, “You should try it sometimes. You wouldn’t feel so hmmmmm, what’s the word again? Yes, you wouldn’t feel so choked. You always look like you carry the world on your shoulders when it’s just the Prince you guard and he doesn’t seem to get into a lot of trouble especially if you don’t count tonight. So sit, relax… I’m sure the world will not end if you just stop moving.”


Victor turns his back on her, “I am done talking to someone like you.”


Paula stands and moves close to him at the other side of the prison walls.


She taps him, he turns and she kisses him. My eyes widen in surprise and Salem sighs.


“Here we go again.” Salem mutters in resignation.