Tales of Roelum Episode 32

Episode 32


“What do you mean, ‘here we go again’ ?” Prince Erin asks me.

“Well Paula rarely gets interested in men and when she does, she loses interest fast but the men don’t, they get hooked and clingy and end up with a broken nose or hand. Your guard here has no chance.” I shake my head.

Erin looks at me mischievously, “Thing about Victor is this, once he gets interested in anything, he never lets go. He’s as scrappy as anyone can get. If anyone can give Paula a run for her money, it’s him.”

I cock my head in doubt; I’ve never seen Paula lose to anyone, not even me.

Victor scowls at her. “What did you just do?”

Paula smiles smugly, “Well you are not so tensed anymore.” She looks at him and mutters to herself.

“Why do you look less relaxed? This usually works, you are an unusual man Victor.” She turns to go back to her space on the floor.

Victor holds her back “I don’t know or understand you but the next time you put your lips on mine get ready to pay for the consequences.”

Paula shivers in mockery “I’m so terrified. What is the big bad Victor going to do with me?”

Victor smiles dangerously, I think it’s my first time, looking at Erin this must be a rare occasion, seeing Victor smile although it looks more like a wince. I take a good look at Victor and its like I’m looking at him for the first time. He is tall and handsome with a nose most women would kill to have. His hands look strong. He also looks capable and I notice Erin staring at me while I look at Victor.

I smile so widely at him. “Don’t be jealous, I’m just thinking that maybe it won’t be a bad idea if they get together, it will make things easier.”

“I don’t care whatever, don’t look at another man like that!” He frowns and draws me closer.

I smile at how easily we have progressed from strangers to this.

“Yes, like that… Look at me like that only” Erin chuckles and I blush.

Paula goes closer to Victor and I wonder if I should stop her.

“Let her. Let’s see how this unfolds.” Erin kisses my head and I relax.

Just as she’s about to do something, the door opens and King Mona comes in. What’s odd is that he comes without his usual ceremony, almost like a disguise.

A chair is brought for him by the guards. He sits and looks at us, the rest of them stand and bow but I don’t bother, I’ve been waiting for this all night.

“Leave us.” He tells everyone with authority. Victor leaves and drags Paula with him. Erin sits back down.

“Are you defying a direct order?” He asks Erin threateningly.

Erin shrugs “Wouldn’t be the first time. Salem is my wife; whatever you say to her, I’ll be right here to listen with her.”

King Mona nods in understanding, “I didn’t think I’d see the day you would stand up to me for anything. I honestly didn’t know you had it in you. If I knew a girl is what it’d take for you to grow some spine, I should have tried that long ago.”

“It would probably not have worked, I know just how much you enjoy playing with people’s lives.” Erin fires back.

King Mona sighs tiredly “Is this about your mother again? How are you so attached to a woman you barely know?”

“She gave birth to me! And you just cast her aside like a mistress who you had had your fill with.” Erin barks and I can feel the pain, Erin hides his pain well.

“You should know, how’s Elena by the way?” King Mona asks and before this gets worse, I reply

“She’s just great, thank you. You wanted to see me, what is it?” I ask.

“You wouldn’t even bother to pretend anymore??” He asks.

“It’s been a long night for me and I’m sure for you too. What do you want?” I sigh out loud.

He sighs deeply; “I heard reports of Roelum’s night guards retiring. I thought it was odd, even though the war is over, why would the King let his finest soldiers go? Then I thought about it; if he doesn’t have much of a choice, he can do little to stop them. Why won’t he have a choice? He has the general with him. Then I realized why you looked so familiar on your wedding day. At first I was just suspicious, then members of Roelum night’s guard start turning up one by one in my kingdom. You can see why I would be convinced.”

I raise my brows. “Convinced that???”

He bursts out in laughter; “The demon general, I’m sorry I didn’t give you a more befitting welcome. Welcome to Rale.”