Tales of Roelum Episode 33

Episode 33


I grin at him while watching him amuse himself with this fact, Erin glares at him.

“And…?” I ask him.

He is surprised at my reaction, I’m just too tired for games right now.

“That’s all you have to say?” He scratches his beard.

“Considering I’m still alive or your men are still breathing, I’m guessing you want something from me. Get to the point.” I tie my hair up.

“Interesting…. Shouldn’t you at least cower in fear? You killed my boy.” He says it in a matter of fact way, no emotions and I realize how he is able to hold on to his power despite having so many oppositions.

Unlike Roelum where everything is easy and people are satisfied with my father’s rule, he has more people trying to take over and are dissatisfied with him hence his marriage to Nuke to solidify his rule.

“It’s war, it was either him or me.” I sigh.

“Sadly it was, I have heard of my son’s favourite past time, did he …. There’s no better way to say this; is that why you killed him in such a shameful way.” He lowers his voice.

“What do you think?” I retort.

“Fair enough, I could kill you where you stand.” He folds his hands.

“You are welcome to try, I see you still have your scar.” I point at the side of his face.

He chuckles “you are strong and fast but I doubt you would be able to make it out of here alive.”

“Oh… I will, so tell me; what do you want?” I ask.

“Kill off the rebels.” He answers.

“What rebels?” I ask

“What?!” Erin growls.

“My hold as King dwindles with each passing day, Thanks to you killing my son, my enemies grow bolder, Samael is not a good replacement but at least he is interested, Samael does not have what it takes to put my enemies down especially when they have the house of cads at their side. You see where I’m going with this?” He massages his head.

“Samael has the ruthlessness of a King but he lacks the compassion of one too, if I let him be my heir, he will become a bully. I had put my hopes in Brahim and focused my time training him, and ignored my other sons. One spoilt silly by his mother, another abandoned and left to his devices. I know I made a mistake, I am not afraid to admit it.” His shoulders droop.

“What are you saying?” Erin asks.

“I’m sorry Erin, I should not have let Nuke have her way, I should have at least given you more attention. If I did, it would have drawn attention to you and you might not have lived this long.” He folds his hands.

“The same reason you stopped topping your class, fighting arts and decide to be below average. That’s when I knew how wise you were. Putting down your pride to survive. Not many would be ready to do that to survive.” He smiles sadly.

“Why then did you make Samael Crown Prince?” I ask.

“So Erin lives long enough to be King, distract and conquer, being King is a lonely road, your mother Erin, she was my escape, she’s still my escape. I need you to know this, we all wear masks, you are not the only one.” He smirks.

” I don’t want to be King, I don’t want any of this, I just want to live in peace with my wife. Why now?? Why are you doing this?” Erin runs his hands through his hair.

“This is my last card, Salem as your wife is the best decision I have ever made. She and her men can get rid of the rebels, I am too old to fight, but you two can make this work.” He focuses on me.

“How do I know this isn’t just a game to you?” I ask.

“Well…. Isn’t the fact that you are alive one?” He sighs.

“I think we have established that my life is mine to take alone.” I reply.

“You are just doing this to ensure that royalty stays in the family, that’s what you do. You use people and get rid of them, which is exactly what you are trying to do with Salem.” Erin stands.

“What makes you think she does not know that? I understand she’s your wife but she probably knows exactly what I want. Do you think you will be safe once Samael becomes King? Do you think Nuke will let her be once she knows what she did to Brahim? There’s only so much I can do. To fight, you need power. Once in your life, I’ll take your side in public, once that happens! What do you think will be the result? Erin, the time to fight is here, the war is over for now but the internal conflict is just as strong. Sitting on the sidelines won’t work anymore.” He stands up too.

I know what he means, I understand what it took to come to the decision to join hands with him. He loves Erin or at least likes him enough, Erin is also right about his father, he is manipulative.

Erin might not admit it but his father apologizing has taken him by surprise, which is exactly what he wants. He knows that’s the only way to get Erin to fall in line, and Erin is the only way to get me to fall in line. He’s one brilliant son of a female dog.

I sigh; “Who do you want me to kill King Mona?”