Tales of Roelum Episode 34

Episode 34


Prince Erin


I turn sharply to Salem as she asks who he wants dead.


“No!!! We are not doing anything Salem.” I scowl at her.


“Let’s hear him out, being in the shadows might have worked for you before but I doubt if it’ll work anymore. You already stood up to the Queen for me, she knows you have a back bone.” She responds.


“You did?” My father laughs as he pats my back.


“How did you change so much? Tell me, what on earth did you tell her to make her forgive you for going to Elena’s room on her first night here.” He asks me.


I feel the same shame I feel every time someone brings that up, I look at Salem and she shrugs.


“I just discovered she killed Brahim, how can you accept her so easily? She killed your son, your heir.” I realize I said this out loud.


“Simply because I have to, she’s the one person I know who is ruthless enough to help me, with our future at stake, petty feelings can be sacrificed. You have to pick your battles, I have enough to worry about, now before you fall in love with her, you need to see the worst in her or you’ll end up like me and the Queen.” He warns.


“Take this as marriage counseling, you both get to see the worst in each other… And nothing says that better than a blood shower.” He is amused by my relationship with Salem.


“The family of Ini has been secretly funding the house of Cads, I have spies everywhere like you know, you can’t kill them yet but cut off the funding first and other heads will rise. I would have given you my men but I can’t have anything coming back to me, I have people watching me, the Queen’s eyes is enough, she would betray me in a moment if she thought I would make you my heir. I know you don’t want to be King, I’m sorry there’s no other option, so work up to it. You know the people better than I do, perhaps you can be a better king than I am.” He tells me and I’m too surprised to talk.


“We will get back to you, house of Ini you say??? There’s more? Isn’t there?” Salem asks.


“Yes but see this as a gesture of trust, find a way to cut off their relationship and we can talk better, hopefully in a better place. I have to say, you look a lot better than I imagined, I still don’t understand why your father can bear to lose you.” He shakes his head at Salem.


“You are not the only King that likes to use people and dump them when you don’t need them anymore. I think you have your hands full to go into war with Roelum.” Salem replies. They size themselves up for a moment.


“If you even think about going to war with Roelum because you think they have no defense, remember I know exactly where you sleep.” Salem replies and there’s a tense silence between them.


“I understand but if you ever threaten me again, I will have your head.” My father glowers at her.


She grins at him, “Let’s all co exist happily, so don’t give me ideas.”


My father rolls his eyes at both of us and leaves the cell.



The guard comes in and tells us we can go. Salem holds my hands, we join Paula and Victor who look like they have been in a tense night of their own.


Moving to our chambers, Salem is about to go her way and I don’t want her to.


“Move in with me.” I say to her.


Her eyes glint with mischief. “Is this because you want to have sex with me?”


“Wh.. what?! Of course not… Thhh…” I stutter.


“You don’t want to have sex with me??” She asks again.


I sigh and pray for inner peace. “Is it that fun to tease me?”


She laughs “Yes, you get shy so easily, if I didn’t know better I would think that you were a virgin.”


I chuckle. “Are you?”


She frowns. “Am I what?”


I look away from her “A virgin?”


“Try looking at me while you ask me this time.” She says gently behind me.


I turn to her. She kisses me so gently it melts my heart.


“Does it matter?” She whispers.


“No, not really” I hold her in my arms.


“Good answer, I haven’t slept with anyone, you are my first kiss too if you want to know.” She kisses my cheek.


“How are you so good at it then?” I carry her and she laughs.


“I’m just good at everything except cooking …. But I like food well enough so?..” she answers.


“Stay with me tonight.” I ask.


“Only tonight?” She raises her brows.


I laugh; “forever Salem, be with me forever.”