Tales of Roelum Episode 35

Episode 35




I hold his hand as we walk to his place. I feel danger in the atmosphere, Paula and Victor tense also.


We see a group of people in disguises running towards Queen Nuke’s chambers.


I sigh out loud, “Seriously?? Do they think they are invisible?”


“It’s time for the guard change, they must have taken advantage of that and had no idea we would be out here in the open by this time.” Erin responds.


“Are we going to do anything?” Paula asks.


Victor looks at Erin for an answer.


“Tonight is not going the way I planned at all.” He groans.


“Blow the horn, alert the soldiers; the Queen is under attack.” Victor bows and runs in the direction of the barracks.


“It could be late before they get to her, we are close by, we can choose to do nothing you know?” I tell him.


“I know but what would that make me?” He unsheathes his sword.


“A man who takes advantage of an opportunity to get rid of an enemy. You realize if I go there with you she could know something is up with me. It wouldn’t matter if I saved her life or not.” I raise my brows.


“Paula can come with me instead. I know you won’t let me go alone anyway. The King might have a reason for not trying to kill you but she will use all her power to get revenge the moment she discovers who you are. So let’s do our best to avoid that.” He lets go of my hand and runs towards Queen Nuke’s chambers with Paula following closely.


I think about going back to get a mask but it would be too late. I find it strange that there are no soldiers close by. It dawns on me that it could be a trap which would mean the house of cads have more spies in the palace than the King thinks.


Why would they go after Nuke? I remember she has more pull in the court and without her and her people the King would be practically naked. I groan as I run towards them.


I reach to see some guards fighting alongside with the masked men. Paula and Erin fight side by side, clearing their path to Queen Nuke.


I hide in the shadows as I watch. I see a back door and I follow it. I sneak into the chambers and I see Vivian holding Queen Nuke’s throat and Katerina screaming at her.


Some masked men make it inside and see what’s happening.


“I’ve done as you want, please let my family go.” Vivian screams as she lets go of Queen Nuke.


“How dare you???” Katerina screams.


One of the men hits her and she faints.


“I have been nothing but kind to you. How could you put a knife to my throat?” Queen Nuke asks calmly.


“I’m so sorry. They kidnapped my entire family, I had no choice.” Vivian kneels.


“You could have talked to me, trusted that I would take care of you.” She replies.


I’m surprised because she actually looks hurt by this which would mean she trusted Vivian. I didn’t think she was the type to care about servants.


“What do you want?” She asks the men.


They say nothing, another masked man brings a piece of document, they press her fingers to a nameplate and try to forcefully use her thumbprint.


“Interesting fashion sense!” I say to them.


They look at me surprised, two of them come at me, I dodge and break their necks before the third guy can blink.


Queen Nuke looks shocked. “How?”


“Let her go and you might die just as quickly as they did but if you decide to be stubborn, you will beg for death; you won’t find it.” I wink at Queen Nuke and she frowns.


He pushes her away and I decide he’s not bright in the head. He unsheathes his sword and comes after me.


I raise my knife and I block, slide and slit his throat.


I look at Nuke – she is a beautiful woman even without her make up and her flowing hair. I decide this is my best look of her.


“Are you okay?” I ask.


She nods. She looks terrified and she falls. She glares at Vivian who shakes visibly.


“I will deal with you later.” I say to her.


I hold Queen Nuke and I feel her body shaking. I whisper “I know you are scared but this is not the time. Your men are falling and are giving their lives to protect you. Raise your head high and remember, You are Queen. They should be the ones shaking and not you. So being afraid is not what they need right now. Be angry; Be dignified. Be Queen.”


She stares into my eyes and stands. She straightens her shoulders, ignores Vivian and holds a waking Katerina.


“Follow me closely and no matter what happens don’t let go of my cloth.” I give her the edge of my dress.


I pick up the sword from the masked man and I take her past the route I came from except this time there are more men there. They see us and they attack. I feel it in my veins, just like every time I fight.


I defend mostly because of the Queen and Katerina. I kill more men and others realize just how dangerous I am.


“Who are you?” I hear Queen Nuke ask behind me.


I grin. “For today, I am your saviour.” Someone shoots an arrow at Queen Nuke, I am distracted by the other assassins in front of me. I hear a scream only to see Vivian with an arrow in her chest and I get what happened.


Queen Nuke lets go of my dress and whimpers as she holds Vivian.


I cuss out loud and move them to a safer corner.


“Don’t come out unless you hear my voice.” I say to her and she nods.


I stretch as I prepare to attack. I strike and I fight like someone possessed. I hit the last man standing to see Erin look at me with shock and a little bit of fear.


I can imagine what I look like, my hair loose and wild, covered with blood and my dress completely stained.


I drop the sword, Paula rushes to my side.


“Did you kill everyone?” She asks.


“No, that one just fainted. We would need someone to interrogate. Hold his tongue before he kills himself.” I say to her.


Erin comes closer. “Are you okay?”


“I am, are you?” I wipe the blood on my face with a much dirtier hand.


He holds me. “Don’t…. call me insane but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone more beautiful than you in this moment.”


I’m amazed, I thought he’d be too shaken after he sees me fight.” You are right, I think you are insane.”


I go towards where the Queen is and I tell her to come out.


She comes out and looks at me, from top to bottom as if trying to read me. She notices Erin and Paula. Katerina comes behind her, her face looks like she has been crying.


The royal guards and soldiers show up with Victor. They look at the mess and the dead. The captain of the King’s guard I’m guessing.


“You three did this??” He asks.


“They did. Where were you when I was being attacked?” Queen Nuke replies quietly but it is obvious she is angry.


“I’m sorry your majesty. They attacked when the guards switched. It is not an excuse. I deserve death for not protecting you.” He bows.


“Your death won’t change anything; you want redemption? Find the people responsible for this!” She screams.


The King, Samael and Ayo rush in to see the chaos. The King frowns and growls in anger.


Samael looks at me with curiosity but doesn’t say anything.


“Nuke, come with me to my palace. ” The king holds her hands and walks away.


Queen Nuke pauses. “Salem, I won’t forget this.”