Tales of Roelum Episode 42

Episode 42

Prince Erin
“What?! Queen Nuke is what?!” I raise my voice in surprise as Salem shushes me.

“I know, I didn’t think that she could be that brave; I understand her though, Queen Nuke has stepped on a lot of toes, she looks out for people in power but she would never think even people without power can be malicious and determined enough to do just about anything, how could you let him hit you?!” Salem touches the bruise on my face.

“He is pretty strong, Paula is skilled but she’s crazy, she is very crazy. Is that how she fights usually?” I ask in wonder.

Akka chuckles “I can’t believe I missed the fight! Paula always has the most entertaining fights, she plays with her opponents before she strikes, she makes them think she’s weak and when they least expect, she disarms them and takes their life. It’s an art really.”

Paula groans and whispers something to Salem, she leaves the room.

“I have to get information from the guard Paula gracefully left alive, I don’t think you should come with me.” Salem stands.

“Why? Because you think I’m weak?” I raise my brows.

“No, I just think it might be a bit too unpleasant for you.” She replies.

“Well, darling wife.. I might not have have had a vast experience with blood and gore but I assure you, I’m a fast learner.” I stand and walk with her leaving Akka who keeps drinking his wine.

We get to where Paula keeps the man she fought with in a twark, how she kept him alive without anyone knowing is one of the many wonders of Salem and Paula, just when I think she can’t surprise me, she does.

“Hellooooooooo….” Salem says as Paula taps his forehead, he wakes up to see us staring him. He panics and tries to shake himself off the ropes, he growls at us when he discovers that he can’t escape.

“You don’t know who you are messing with.” He barks at us.

Salem grins and squats so she’s eye level with him. She puts a hand on his shoulder and touches his wound, she presses down on it hard, he screams, she doesn’t stop immediately, this goes on for like five minutes then she stops.

She looks at him and smirks, the man pants and glowers at her, Salem shrugs, takes one of his figures and pulls it out of place with no warning, I wince he screams again, Paula finds a place to sit meaning that this could go on for a while.

The man stops grunting and looks at Salem with the look that promises death. Salem pops the finger back in place, he grunts heavily, his eyes are red and he stares at her again, Salem grins and moves to his neck.

I am tempted to close my eyes but I already claimed that I could take anything, I can’t go back on my word now, I don’t understand why she is not asking questions, she’s just torturing the man. I ask Paula.

“There’s no point in asking, he wouldn’t tell so easily, until his spirit is broken, his will won’t be, the good thing is he loves his life, if he didn’t he would have killed himself out of loyalty to the Inis but he’s not that commited. She’s going to break his spirit, then ask him questions. He’ll sing like a parrot, just watch.” She pats the space beside her gesturing for me to sit.

I sit and watch, I admit I’m intrigued and at the same time petrified.

Salem breaks a part of his neck and a shriek so loud that I flinch comes out from his mouth, I think he starts crying. Salem stares at him for a while.

He starts to beg for help, his head is bent to a side, Salem touches that place and forces back into place, he sighs in relief, he looks at Salem with a bit of fear.

Paula sighs in disappointment, “They always break at that point.”

“Stop hurting me, I’ll tell you whatever you want as long as you promise to help me get out of Rale safely.” He tries negotiate.

“Thing is the people you work for think you are dead, I can make that possible, so tell me every thing you know and I promise not to kill you. That’s the best I can do.” Salem tells him.

He sighs. “I don’t know much except for the fact that I was supposed to kill you tonight.”

“Who ordered it?’ Salem asks.

He goes silent for a second.

“Prince Samael.”