Tales of Roelum Episode 43

Episode 43

******R rated Episode******



I suspected him but I didn’t think he’d have the guts to go after his father while he is alive especially since he is the crown prince. I don’t understand people… “Why couldn’t he wait till his father dies?” I ask out loud.


“Ayo… His wife, she’s suspicious, there is so much we don’t know about her. I have never paid much attention to her but the more you look at her, the less you understand.” Erin ruffles his hair in frustration.


“We know she has a score to settle with King Mona. She married into the family, it is not a bit of a stretch to say she is the whisperer behind Samael’s actions if he really is the one who ordered the hit. He doesn’t seem like the type to backstab and kill people, he is more of the kind of person who would want you to know he is responsible for your death and gloat while at it and it was too easy getting him to confess.” I reason.


“That was easy??” Erin raises his brows and I grin.


“They are highly trained and while he might have broken, his loyalty is something you can’t take away especially if he has something to gain.” I look at the half dead man who stares at me with a mixture of fear and loathe.


“It was Ayo wasn’t it? She is the only one with that kind of cunningness. Samael is just a fiddle in her game.” I don’t expect him to answer but his sudden cold eyes tells me all I need to know.


I sigh and Paula breaks his neck, I am scared to look at Erin. The more he knows me, the more scared I am that he’ll run. I’ve never cared what other people thought about me, but with him, I care, I care a lot. I walk out of the room to his and wash my hands, he watches me closely.


“Stop avoiding my eyes”, he tells me gently. He holds my wet hands in his, raises my eyes and kisses me softly on my lips.


“I am okay with it, as long as it’s you, I love every part of you; your kindness, your ruthlessness, that sexy conniving calculative brain of yours. You don’t have to hide from me and you don’t have to do everything all by yourself anymore. I’m with you every step of the way.” He tells me so gently that I melt into his arms.


“Did you just tell me you love me?” I ask against his chest.


“No, I don’t remember saying that.” He chuckles.


“I remember you mentioning the word love. You looooove me” I feel a heaviness on my chest, I don’t understand it but it makes me feel warm.


He holds me tighter, “Yes Salem, I love you. All parts of you.”


I hold him closer. “Despite the fact that I killed Brahim?”


“Yes, not even that can stop me.” He replies.


I feel a weight I didn’t know I was carrying leave me. I stare at him and bring his face close to mine as I kiss him. He takes control of the kiss and I don’t feel a need to wrestle for control.


He kisses me deeply, softly then hardly, he kisses my throat, then my lips, my cheeks, my eyes and back to my lips.


He frees my hair from the knot, “I love your hair” he whispers as he undresses me slowly.


“I’m not fragile you know?!” I groan in frustration.


He chuckles… “Relax Salem”


I remove his clothes but not as elegantly as he did mine, I kiss him and push him to the bed. I kiss his neck, his chest and I try kissing downwards, he pulls me back up and kisses me. He spins us around that he’s on top and my back is on the bed.


He kisses down my neck, holds my breasts, he kisses my nipples softly, then sucks hard on it. I groan at the different sensations I feel, I hold his hair tight as I moan. He kisses further down and I feel self conscious for a second but forget as I gasp out loud at the foreign intrusion.


I don’t know what he is doing to me but he is doing it so well I nearly cry out in pleasure, he kisses me and I lose control.


He stares at me intensely as he pushes slowly into me, I sigh and he groans, he kisses me softly.


He pushes in softly, slow and steady, I don’t know what I want but I want something from him.


“I can’t control myself anymore.” He whimpers as if in pain, I don’t understand him until he increases his tempo.


Fast and hard, I don’t know where his body starts and where mine finishes, he keeps going until he spins us and I’m on top.


“Ride me.” He says as he guides my hips and waist in movement and I feel him deeper inside me. I feel something come out of me and into me at the same time.


We hold on to each other as we pant out loud, he moves my hair from my face and kisses me again. He touches every scar on me gently and I feel him harden again inside of me.


We rolled in the sheets until day break, afternoon and sometime in the evening Akka screams from outside the room.


“Enough okay, we have things to do; if you two can manage to take your hands off each other, we would really appreciate it and eat something for the sake of the gods.” Akka says from outside the chambers.


“Is it just me or he has a really loud voice?” Erin says against my neck.


I laugh, “that’s why he is the leader of the night guards, how else would he be able to control Enek and Emer?”


“Come on, let’s go join the others because they would come inside and unless you want people to see me naked, I’d suggest we get a move on” I try to push him off me but he is surprisingly strong.


“Five more minutes, no more”. He sulks and I finally get him off me.


We spend more than five minutes in the bath tub and the door opens to see Akka scowling at me. I grin and wink, he shudders.


“Don’t be too happy and cheery, it’s too much of a change for me.” He massages his head in horror.


“I can’t stand you right now – We meet at midnight in the pallaire, we attack the house of Cads, Emek and Ener succeeded in getting a route for us, don’t be late.” He sulks away.


“Someone is grumpy.” Erin draws me to him, it’s as if he can’t keep his hands off me.


At midnight, we are all under the house of Cads quarters, we find a way to the house through ancient tunnels.


“As long as it holds a weapon at you, kill it. No innocents, no prisoners.” I say to the men and Paula. We are all masked. This is one of the most dangerous mission we have had to do yet somehow I don’t see fear in their eyes and I am proud of the men. We separate and attack the house of Cads.